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Original Articles

  1. Highly stable and active solid-solution-alloy three-way catalyst by utilizing configurational-entropy effect
    K. Kusada, D. Wu, Y. Nanba, M. Koyama, T. Yamamoto, X. Q. Tran, T. Toriyama, S. Matsumura, A. Ito, K. Sato, K. Nagaoka, O. Seo, C. Song, Y. Chen, N. Palina, L. S. R. Kumara, S. Hiroi, O. Sakata, S. Kawaguchi, Y. Kubota, and H. Kitagawa
    Advanced Materials 33, 2005206 (2021).
  2. Non-oxidative propane dehydrogenation over alumina-supported Co-V oxide catalysts
    N. Jeon, O. Seo, J. Oh, J. Park, I. Chung, J. Kim, O. Sakata, A. Tayal, and Y. Yun
    Applied Catalysis A: General 614, 118036 (2021).
  3. Suppression mechanisms of the solid-electrolyte interface formation at the triple-phase Interfaces in thin-film Li-ion batteries
    S. Yasuhara, S. Yasui, T. Teranishi, O. Sakata, T. Hoshina, T. Tsurumi, Y. Majima, and M. Itoh
    Applied Material and Interfaces 13, 34027-34032 (2021).
  4. Large thermal hysteresis of ferroelectric transition in HfO2-based ferroelectric films
    T. Mimura, T. Shimizu, O. Sakata, and H. Funakubo
    Applied Physics Letters 118, 112903 (2021).
  5. Reversible hydrogenation and irreversible epoxidation induced by graphene oxide electrolysis
    T. Taniguchi, K. C. Wong, L. Nurdiwijayanto, K. Hatakeyama, K. Awaya, S. Ida, M. Koinuma, S. Ueda, M. Osada, and H. Yokoi
    Carbon 177, 26-34 (2021).
  6. Structural characterization of delithiated non-crystalline phase in Li-rich Li2VO2F cathode material
    S. Hiroi, K. Ohara, and O. Sakata
    Chemistry of Materials, Published online July 16 (2021).
  7. Epitaxial stabilization of complete solid-solution β- (AlxGa1−x)2O3 (100) films by pulsed-laser deposition
    R. Wakabayashi, K. Yoshimatsu, M. Hattori, J.-S. Lee, O. Sakata, and A. Ohtomo
    Crystal Growth & Design 21, 2844–2849 (2021).
  8. Highly-crystalline 6-inch free-standing GaN observed using x-ray diffraction topography
    J. Kim, O. Seo, L. S. R. Kumara, T. Nabatame, Y. Koide, and O. Sakata
    CrystEngComm 23, 1628-1633 (2021).
  9. Solid solutions between PbVO3 and BiCoO3
    A. A. Belik
    Inorganic Chemistry 60, 4957-4965 (2021).
  10. Investigation of microstructure and hydrogen absorption properties of bulk immiscible AgRh alloy nanoparticles
    A. Tayal, O. Seo, J. Kim, K. Kusada, H. Kobayashi, H. Kitagawa, and O. Sakata
    Journal of Alloys and Compounds 869, 159268 (2021).
  11. Domain structure transition in compressively strained (100)/(001) epitaxial tetragonal PZT film
    D. Ichinose, T. Shimizu, O. Sakata, T. Yamada, Y. Ehara and H. Funakubo
    Journal of Applied Physics 129, 024101 (2021).
  12. Crystal structure, dielectric and optical properties of β-Ca3(PO4)2-type phosphates Ca9-xZnxLa(PO4)7:Ho3+
    Yu. Yu. Dikhtyar, D. V. Deyneko, K. V. Boldirev, O. V. Baryshnikova, А. А. Belik, V. А. Morozov, and B. I. Lazoryak
    Journal of Luminescence 236, 118083 (2021).
  13. Ferrimagnetic and relaxor ferroelectric properties of R2MnMn(MnTi3)O12 perovskites with R = Nd, Eu, and Gd
    R. Liu, M. Tanaka, H. Mori, Y. Inaguma, K. Yamaura, and A. A. Belik
    Journal of Materials Chemistry C 9, 947-956 (2021).
  14. Investigation of temperature-dependent hard x-ray photoemission spectra on Au/Nb:SrTiO3 schottky junctions
    T. Ohsawa, T. Murakami, T. Hosaka, S. Ueda, T. Ishigaki, and N. Ohashi
    Journal of Physical Chemistry C 125, 14836-14842 (2021).
  15. Charge-ordered state and low-dimensional magnetic fluctuations in Yb5Ge4 single crystal
    S. Michimura, M. Kosaka, A. Machida, R. Numakura, R. Iizuka, S. Katano, Y. Imai, N. Shirakawa, Y. Yamasaki, H. Nakao, H. Sato, S. Ueda, and K. Mimura
    Journal of Physical Society of Japan 90, 44703 (2021).
  16. Polarization dependent bulk-sensitive valence band photoemission spectroscopy and density functional theory calculations: Part II. 4d transition metals
    S. Ueda and I. Hamada
    Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 90, 034706 (2021).
  17. Efficient overall water splitting in acid with anisotropic metal nanosheets
    D. Wu, K. Kusada, S. Yoshioka, T. Yamamoto, T. Toriyama, S. Matsumura, Y. Chen, O. Seo, J. Kim, C. H. Song, S. Hiroi, O. Sakata, T. Ina, S. Kawaguchi, Y. Kubota, H. Kobayashi, and H. Kitagawa
    Nature Communications 12, 1145 (2021).
  18. Electric-field-induced ferroelectricity in 5%Y-doped Hf0.5Zr0.5O2: Transformation from the paraelectric tetragonal phase to the ferroelectric orthorhombic phase
    T. Shimizu, Y. Tashiro, T. Mimura, T. Kiguchi, T. Shiraishi, T. J. Konnno, O. Sakata, and H. Funakubo
    Physica Status Solidi RRL 2021, 2000589 (2021).
  19. Cluster glass transition and relaxation in random spinel CoGa2O4
    T. Naka, T. Nakane, S. Ishii, M. Nakayama, A. Ohmura, F. Ishikawa, A. de Visser, H. Abe, and T. Uchikoshi
    Physical Review B 103, 224408 (2021).
  20. Bulk electronic structure of high-order quaternary approximants
    S. Sarkar, P. Sadhukhan, V. K. Singh, A. Gloskovskii, K. Deguchi, N. Fujita, and S. R. Barman
    Physical Review Research 3, 013151 (2021).
  21. Ce3+-enriched spherical porous ceria with an enhanced oxygen storage capacity
    A. Taniguchi, Y. Kumabe, K. Kan, M. Ohtani, and K. Kobiro
    RSC Advnces 11, 5609 (2021).
  22. Direct observation of spin-resolved valence band electronic states from a buried magnetic layer with hard x-ray photoemission
    S. Ueda and Y. Sakuraba
    Science and Technology of Advanced Materials 22, 317-325 (2021).
  23. Temperature-dependent electronic wtructure of bixbyite α-Mn2O3 and the importance of a subtle structural change on oxygen electrocatalysis
    J. H. Mokkath, M. Jahan, M. Tanaka, S. Tominaka, and J. Henzie
    Science and Technology of Advanced Materials 22, 141-149 (2021).

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