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2010 Publication List

Original Articles

  1. Melting of Zn nanoparticles embedded in SiO2 at high temperatures: Effects on surface plasmon resonances
    H. Amekura, M. Tanaka, Y. Katsuya, H. Yoshikawa, H. Shinotsuka, S. Tanuma, M. Ohnuma, Y. Matsushita, K. Kobayashi, Ch. Buchal, S. Mantl, K. Kono, and N. Kishimoto
    Applied Physics Letters 96, 023110 (2010).
  2. Itinerant half-metallic ferromagnets Co2TiZ (Z=Si, Ge, Sn): Ab initio calculationsand measurement of the electronic structure and transport property
    J. Barth, G.H. Fecher, B. Balke, S. Ouardi, T. Graf, C. Felser, A. Shkabko, A. Weidenkaff, P. Klaer, H.J. Elmers, H. Yoshikawa, S. Ueda, and K. Kobayashi
    Physical Review B 81, 064404 (2010).
  3. Pt and Sn Doped Sputtered CeO2 Electrodes for Fuel Cell Apllications
    V. Matolin, M. Cabala, I. Matolinova, M. Skoda, M. Vaclavu, K. C. Prince, T. Skala, T. Mori, H. Yoshikawa, Y. Yamashita, S. Ueda, and K. Kobayashi
    Fuel Cells 10, 139-144 (2010).
  4. Photoemission study of the tin doped cerium oxide thin films prepared by RF magnetron sputtering
    N. Tsud, T. Skala, K. Masek, P. Hanys, M. Takahashi, H. Suga, T. Mori, H. Yoshikawa, M. Yoshitake, K. Kobayashi, and V. Matolin
    Thin Solid Films 518, 2206-2209 (2010).
  5. Synthesis, Crystal Structure, and Photoluminescence of Sr-α-SiAlON:Eu2+
    K. Shioi, N. Hirosaki, R.-J. Xie, T. Takeda, Y.-Q. Li, and Y. Matsushita
    Journal of American Ceramic Society 93, 465-469 (2010).
  6. Synthesis of monodisperse Zn-smectite
    C.S. Pascua, M. Ohnuma, Y. Matsushita, K. Tamura, H. Yamada, J. Cuadros, and J. Ye
    Applied Clay Science 48, 55-59 (2010).
  7. Crystal Structures of Cr-based Magnetic Pyroxenes
    Y. Matsushita, F. Izumi, M. Isobe, and Y. Ueda
    Solid State Sciences 12, 676-679 (2010).
  8. Characterization of Surgace Structure Evolution in Ni3Al Foil Catalysts by Hard X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy
    Y. Xu, H. Yoshikawa, J.H. Jang, M. Demura, K. Kobayashi, S. Ueda, Y. Yamashita, D.M. Wee, and T. Hirano
    Journal of Physical Chemistry C 114, 6047-6053 (2010).
  9. Fabrication and hard X-ray photoemission analysis of photocathodes with sharp solar-blind sensitivity using AlGaN films grown on Si substrates
    M. Sumiya, Y. Kamo, N. Ohashi, M. Takeguchi, Y.U. Heo, H. Yoshikawa, S. Ueda, K. Kobayashi, T. Nihashi, M. Hagino, T. Nakano, and S. Fuke
    Applied Surface Science 256, 4442-4446 (2010).
  10. Electronic structure of W-doped VO2 thin films with giant metal-insulator transition investigated by hard x-ray core-level photoemission spectroscopy
    H. Takami, T. Kanki, S. Ueda, K. Kobayashi, and H. Tanaka
    Applied Physics Express 3, 063201 (2010).
  11. Schottky barrier height behavior of Pt-Ru alloy contacts on single-crystal n-ZnO
    T. Nagata, J. Volk, Y. Yamashita, H. Yoshikawa, M. Haemori, R. Hayakawa, M. Yoshitake, S. Ueda, K. Kobayashi, and T. Chikyow
    Journal of Applied Physics 107, 103714 (2010).
  12. Large magnetostriction from morphotropic phase boundary in ferromagnets
    S. Yang, H. Bao, C. Zhou, Y. Wnag, X. Ren, Y. Matsushita, Y. Katsuya, M. Tanaka, K. Kobayashi, X. Song, and J. Gao
    Physical Review Letters 104, 197201 (2010).
  13. Sulfur Modification of Au via Treatment with Piranha Solution Provides Low-Pd releasing and recyclable Pd Material, SAPd
    N. Hoshiya, M. Shimoda, H. Yoshikawa, Y. Yamashita, S. Shuto, and M. Arisawa
    Journal of the American Chemical Society 132, 7270-7272 (2010).
  14. Pt3Ti Nanoparticles: Fine Dispersion on SiO2 Supports, Enhanced Catalytic CO Oxidation, and Chemical Stability at Elevated Temperatures
    G. Saravanan, H. Abe, Y. Xu, N. Sekido, H. Hirata, S. Matsumoto, H. Yoshikawa, and Y. Yamabe-Mitarai
    Langmuir 26, 11446-11451 (2010).
  15. Hard X-ray Photoemission Spectroscopic Investigation of palladium catalysts immobilized on a GaAs(001) surface
    M. Shimoda, T. Konishi, N. Nishiwaki, K. Tateishi, T. Toujyou, S. Tsukamoto, M. Arisawa, N. Hoshiya, S. Shuto, N. Isomura, H. Yokota, Y. Furukawa, K. Iizuka, T. Ogiwara, Y. Isozaki, Y. Yamashita, H. Yoshikawa, S. Ueda, and K. Kobayashi
    Journal of Applied Physics 108, 024309 (2010).
  16. Role of electronic structure in the martensitic phase transition of Ni2Mn1+xSn1-x sutdied by hard x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and ab initio calculation
    M. Ye, A. Kimura, Y. Miura, M. Shirai, Y. Cui, K. Shimada, H. Nametame, M. Taniguchi, S. Ueda, K. Kobayashi, R. Kainuma, T. Shishido, K. Fukushima, and T. Kanomata
    Physical Review Letters 104, 176401 (2010).
  17. Large decrease in the critical temperature of superconducting LaFeAsO0.85 compounds doped with 3% atomic weight of nonmagnetic Zn impurities
    Y. F. Guo, Y. G. Shi, S. Yu, A. A. Belik, Y. Matsushita, M. Tanaka, Y. Katsuya, K. Kobayashi, I.Nowik, I. Felner, V. P. S. Awana, K. Yamaura, and E. Takayama-Muromachi
    Physical Review B 82, 054506 (2010).
  18. Platinum-Doped CeO2 Thin Film Catalysts Prepared by Magnetron Sputtering
    V. Matolin, I. Matolinova, M, Vaclavu, I. Khalakhan, M. Vorokhta, R. Fiala, I. Pis, Z. Sofer, J. Poltierova-Vejpravova, T. Mori, V. Potin, H. Yoshikawa, S.Ueda, and K. Kobayashi
    Langmuir 26, 12824-12831 (2010).
  19. Solid-liquid interface synthesis of microcrystalline porous coordination networks
    J. Marti-Rujas, Y. Matsushita, F. Izumi, M. Fujita, and M. Kawano
    Chemical Communications 46, 6515-6517 (2010).
  20. Phase Stability and Superconducting Properties of AlB2-Type YbGaxSi2-x(1.12?x?1.49)
    N. Tsujii, M. Imai, H. Yamaoka, I. Jarrige, H. Oohashi, T. Tochio, K. Handa, J. Ide, H. Atsuta, Y. Ito, H. Yoshikawa, and H. Kitazawa
    Chemistry of Materials 22, 4690-4699 (2010).
  21. Alternately Layered Au/Fe3O4 with Porous Structure ? a Self-Assembled Nanoarchitecture for Catalysis Materials
    S. Kameoka, A. P. Tsai
    Journal of Materials Chemistry 20, 7348-7351 (2010).
  22. Oxygen migration at Pt/HfO2/Pt interface under bias operation
    T. Nagata, M. Haemori, Y. Yamashita, H. Yoshikawa, Y. Iwashita, K. Kobayashi, and T. Chikyow
    Applied Physics Letters 97, 082902 (2010).
  23. (In1-yMny)MnO3 (1/9 - y - 1/3): Unusual Perovskites with Unusual Properties
    A. A. Belik, Y. Matsushita, M. Tanaka, and E. T. Muromachi
    Angewandte Chemie International Edition 49 , 7723-7727 (2010).
  24. Interface properties of magnetic tunnel junction La0.7Sr0.3MnO3/SrTiO3 superlattices studied by standing-wave excited photoemission spectroscopy
    A. X. Gray, C. Papp, B. Balke, S. H. Yang, M. Huijben, E. Rotenberg, A. Bostwick, S. Ueda, Y. Yamashita, K. Kobayashi, E. M. Gullikson, J. B. Kortright, F. M. F. deGroot, G. Rijinders, D. H. A. Blank, R. Ramesh, and C. S. Fadley
    Physical Review B 82 , 205116 (2010).
  25. Band Gap and Electronic Structure of an Epitaxial, Semiconducting Cr0.08Al0.20 Thin Film
    Z. Boekelheide, A. X. Gray, C. Papp, B. Balke, D. A. Stewart, S. Ueda, K. Kobayashi, F. Hellman, and C. S. Fadley
    Physical Review Letters 105 , 236404 (2010).
  26. Melting-solidification transition of Zn nanoparticles embedded in SiO2: Observation by synchrotron x-ray and ultraviolet-visible-near-infrared light
    H. Amekura, M. Tanaka, Y. Katsuya, H. Yoshikawa, M. Ohnuma, Y. Matsushita, K. Kobayashi, and N. Kishimoto
    Journal of Applied Physics 108 , 104302 (2010).
  27. Thermoelectroc properties and electronic structure of sustituted Heusler compounds: NiTi0.3-xScxZr0.35Hf0.35Sn
    S. Ouardi, G. H. Fecher, B. Balke, M. Schwall, X. Kozina, G. Stryganyuk, C. Felser, E. Ikenaga, Y. Yamashita, S. Ueda, and K. Kobayashi
    Applied Physics Letters 97 , 252113 (2010).
  28. Reusability, Durability and Treatability of Palladium Catalyst on a Semiconductor Plate: Comparison with Commercially Available Solid-Supported Palladium Catalysts
    N. Nishiwaki, T. Konishi, S. Tsukamoto, and M. Shimoda
    Journal of Inorganic and Organometallic Polymers and Materials 20, 873-876 (2010).
  29. Self-assembled Porous Nano-composite with High Catalytic Performance by Reduction of Tetragonal Spinel CuFe2O4
    S. Kameoka, T. Tanabe, and A. P. Tsai
    Applied Catalysis A: General 375, 163-171 (2010).
  30. Microstructure of Leached Al-Cu-Fe Quasicrystal with High Catalytic Performance for Steam Reforming of Methanol
    T. Tanabe, S. Kameoka, and A. P. Tsai
    Applied Catalysis A: General 384, 241-251 (2010).


  1. Bias-voltage application in hard x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy for characterization of advanced materials
    Y. Yamashita, K. Ohmori, S. Ueda, H. Yoshikawa, T. Chikyow, and K. Kobayashi
    e-Journal of Surface Science and Nanotechnology 8, 81 (2010).
  2. Correlation of Electrical Properties with Interface Structures of CVD Oxide-based Oxynitride Tunnel Dielectrics
    Z. Liu, H. Ishigaki, S. Ito, T. Ide, M. Makabe, M. Wilde, K. Fukutani, M. Kimura, A. M. Vlaicu, and H. Yoshikawa
    Integrated Reliability Workshop Final Report, 2009. IRW '09. IEEE International, 145-147 (2010).
  3. Valence band structure of III-V nitride films characterized by hard X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
    M. Sumiya, M. Lozac'h, N. Matsuki, S. Ito, N. Ohashi, K. Sakoda, H. Yoshikawa, S. Ueda, and K. Kobayashi
    Physica Status Solidi C 7, 1903-1905 (2010).
  4. Present Status of the NIMS Contract Beamline BL15XU at SPring-8
    S. Ueda, Y. Katsuya, M. Tanaka, H. Yoshikawa, Y. Yamashita, S. Ishimaru, Y. Matsushita, and K. Kobayashi
    AIP Conference Proceedings 1234 , 403-406 (2010).
  5. Redetemination of Crystal Structure of Semseyite, Pb9Sb8S21
    Y. Matsushita,
    The Journal Acta Mineralogica-Petrographica abstract series 6 , 744 (2010).
  6. Development of a new high-resolution synchrotron Gandofi camera
    M. Tanaka, T. Nakamura, T. Noguchi, Y. Katsuya, and Y. Matsushita
    The Journal Acta Mineralogica-Petrographica abstract series 6 , 678 (2010).
  7. 高誘電率絶縁薄膜と金属電極薄膜積層構造界面の健全性支配因子の解明
    井上達也, 鈴木研, 三浦英生
    日本機械学会東北支部 第45期総会・講演会講演論文集 No.2010-1, 32-33 (2010).

Review Articles/Books

  1. BL15XU広エネルギー帯域先端材料解析BL次期計画
    小林啓介, 吉川英樹, 上田茂典, 田中雅彦, 山下良之, 松下能孝, 勝矢良雄, 石丸哲
    SPring-8利用者情報誌 15, 20-26 (2010).
  2. Looking deeper into buried nanolayers and complex materials: standing-wave and angle-resolved hard x-ray photoemission
    C. S. Fadley, S. Ueda, and K. Kobayashi
    SPring-8 Research Frontiers 2009, 72-73 (2010).

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