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Original Articles

  1. Relationship between band-offset, gate leakage current, and interface states density at SiO2/4H-SiC (000-1) interface
    E. D. Indari, Y. Yamashita, R. Hasunuma, T. Nagata, S. Ueda, and K. Yamabe
    AIP Advances 9, 045002 (2019).
  2. Highly durable Ru catalysts supported on CeO2 nanocomposites for CO2 methanation
    H. Nguyen, Y. Kumabe, S. Ueda, K. Kan, M. Ohtani, and K. Kobiro
    Applied Catalysis A: General 577, 35-43 (2019).
  3. Origins of catalysis for CO oxidation on porous Ag fabricated by leaching of intermetallic compound Mg3Ag
    M. H. Liu, S. Kameoka, K. Nishimoto, S. Ueda, and A. P. Tsai
    Applied Catalysis A: General 586, 117216 (2019).
  4. Highly selective semi-hydrogenation of acetylene over porous gold with twin boundary defects
    S. Kameoka, M. Krajci and A. P. Tsai
    Applied Catalysis A: General 569, 101-109 (2019).
  5. Stepwise topochemical fluorination of SrCrO3 perovskyte via a super-structured oxide
    Y. Su, Y. Tsujimoto, K. Fujii, Y. Matsubuchi, H. Ohata, H. Iwai, M. Yashima, and K. Yamaura
    Chemical Communications 55, 7239-7242 (2019).
  6. Photoelectrochemical properties of a well-structured 1.3 nm-thick pn junction crystal
    K. Awaya, A. Takashiba, T. Taniguchi, M. Koinuma, T. Ishihara, and S. Ida
    Chemical Communications 55, 4586-4588 (2019).
  7. Anisotropic mosaicity and lattice-plane twisting of an m-plane GaN homoepitaxial layer
    J. Kim, O. Seo, A. Tanaka, J. Chen, K. Watanabe, Y. Katsuya, T. Nabatame, Y. Irokawa, Y. Koide, and O. Sakata
    CrystEngComm 21, 4036 (2019).
  8. Lattice-plane bending angle modulation of Mg-doped GaN homoepitaxy observed by X-ray diffraction topography
    J. Kim, O. Seo, C. H. Song, S. Hiroi, Y. Chen, Y. Irokawa, T. Namatame, Y. Koide, and O. Sakata
    CrystEngComm 21, 2281-2285 (2019).
  9. Valence variations by B-site doping in A-site columnar-ordered quadruple perovskites Sm2MnMn(Mn4-xTix)O12 with 1 ≤ x ≤ 3
    A. A. Belik, L. Zhang, R.Liu, D. D. Khalyavin, Y. Katsuya, M. Tanaka, and K. Yamaura
    Inorganic Chemistry 58, 3492–3501 (2019).
  10. Photoelectron spectroscopic study on electronic state and electrical properties of SnO2 single crystals
    T. Nagata, O. Bierwagen, Z. Galazka, S. Ueda, M. Imura, Y. Yamashita, and T. Chikyow
    Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 58, 080903 (2019).
  11. Reaction mechanism of ZrOx metal resists with extreme ultraviolet irradiation
    Y. Yamashita, T. Chikyow, J. J. Santillan, and T. Itani
    Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 58, SDDC01 (2019).
  12. Photoelectron spectroscopic study of electronic states and surface structure of an in situ cleaved In2O3 (111) single crystal
    T. Nagata, O. Bierwagen, Z. Galazka, M. Imura, S. Ueda, Y. Yamashita, and T. Chikyow
    Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 58, SDDG06 (2019).
  13. Effects of heat treatment and in situ high-temperature x-ray diffraction study on the formation of ferroelectric epitaxial Y-doped HfO2 film
    T. Mimura, T. Shimizu, T. Kiguchi, A. Akama, T. J. Konno, Y. Katsuya, O. Sakata, and H. Funakubo
    Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 58, SBBB09 (2019).
  14. Crystal structure, dielectric, and optical properties of β-calcium orthophosphates heavily doped with ytterbium
    E. S. Zhukovskaya, D. V. Deyneko, O. V. Baryshnikova, A. A. Belik, I. I. Leonidov, A. V. Ishchenko, S. Y. Stefanovich, V. A. Morozov, and B. I. Lazoryak
    Journal of Alloys and Compounds 787, 1301-1309 (2019).
  15. Crystal structure and magnetic properties of A-site-ordered quadruple perovskite CeCu3Cr4O12
    A. A. Belik, Y. Katsuya, M. Tanaka, and K. Yamaura
    Journal of Alloys and Compounds 793, 42–48 (2019).
  16. Barium-induced effects on structure and properties of β-Ca3(PO4)2-type Ca9Bi(VO4)7
    N. G. Dorbakov, V. V. Titkov, S. Y. Stefanovich, O. V. Baryshnikova, V. A. Morozov, A. A. Belik, and B. I. Lazoryak
    Journal of Alloys and Compounds 793, 56–64 (2019).
  17. Phonon scattering at the interfaces of epitaxially grown Fe2VAl/W and Fe2VAl/Mo superlattices
    S. Hiroi, S. Nishio, S. Choi, J. Kim, Y. Chen, C. H. Song, A. Tayal, O. Sakata, and T. Takeuchi
    Journal of Applied Physics 125, 225101 (2019).
  18. Effect of aging on the current transport properties at gold/niobium-doped strontium titanate schottky junctions
    S. Hirose, S. Ueda, and N. Ohashi
    Journal of Applied Physics 125, 095301 (2019).
  19. Investigation of selective chemisorption of fcc and hcp Ru nanoparticles using x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy analysis
    I. Gueye, J. Kim, L. S. R. Kumara, A. Yang, O. Seo, Y. Chen, C. H. Song, S. Hiroi, K. Kusada, H. Kobayashi, H. Kitagawa, and O. Sakata
    Journal of Catalysis 380, 247-253 (2019).
  20. High-pressure synthesis, crystal structure, and magnetic properties of hexagonal Ba3CuOs2O9
    J. Chen, H. Feng, Y. Matsushita, A. Belik, Y. Tsujimoto, Y. Katsuya, M. Tanaka, M. Wu, M. R. Li, R. Zhou, H. Liang, L. Zheng, M. Jansen, and K. Yamaura
    Journal of Solid State Chemistry 272, 182-188 (2019).
  21. Crystal structures of cation non-stoichiometric RMn3O6 (R = Gd, Er, and Tm) manganites belonging to A-site columnar-ordered quadruple perovskite family
    A. A. Belik, L. Zhang, Y.Matsushita, Y. Katsuya, M. Tanaka, and K. Yamaura
    Journal of Solid State Chemistry 275, 43–48 (2019).
  22. Rational synthesis for a noble metal carbide
    T. Wakisaka, K. Kusada, D. Wu, T. Yamamoto, T. Toriyama, S. Matsumura, H. Akiba, O. Yamamuro, K. Ikeda, T. Otomo, N. Palina, Y. Chen, L. S. R. Kumara, C. H. Song, O. Sakata, W. Xie, M. Koyama, Y. Kubota, S. Kawaguchi, R. L. Arevalo, S. M. Aspera, E. F. Arguelles, H. Nakanishi, and H. Kitagawa
    Journal of the American Chemical Society Online published 21 Nov. 2019 , Online published 21 Nov. 2019 (2019).
  23. Thermal expansion and magnetostriction of laves-phase alloys: Fingerprints of ferrimagnetic phase transition
    C. Zhou, H. Bao, Y. Matsushita, T. Chang, K. Chen, Y. Zhang, F. Tian, W. Zuo, X. Song, S. Yang, Y. Ren, and X. Ren
    Materials 12, 1755 (2019).
  24. Correlation between the electronic/local structure and CO-oxidation activity of PdxRu1-x alloy nanoparticles
    C. H. Song, A. Tayal, O. Seo, J. Kim, S. Hiroi, Y. Chen, L. S. R. Kumara, K. Kusada, H. Kobayashi, H. Kitagawa, and O. Sakata
    NanoscaleAdvances 1, 546-553 (2019).
  25. Mapping of a lattice-plane tilting in a GaN wafer using energy-resolved X-ray diffraction topography
    J. Kim, O. Seo, C. H. Song, S. Hiroi, Y. Chen, Y. Irokawa, T. Namatame, Y. Koide, and O. Sakata
    Physical Review Applied 11, 024072 (2019).
  26. Magnetic and electronic properties of B-site-ordered double-perovskite oxide La2CrMnO6 thin films
    K. Yoshimatsu, J. Ishimaru, K. Watarai, K. Yamamoto, Y. Hirata, D. Wadachi, K. Takeda, K. Horiba, H. Kumigashira, O. Sakata, and A. Ohtomo
    Physical Review B 99, 235129 (2019).
  27. Displacive structural phase transitions and the magnetic ground state of quadruple perovskite YMn7O12
    R. D. Johnson, D. D. Khalyavin, P. Manuel, Y. Katsuya, M. Tanaka, Y. Matsushita, L. Zhang, K. Yamaura, and A. A. Belik
    Physical Review B 99, 024107 (2019).
  28. Time-resolved x-ray diffraction system for study of Pb(Zr, Ti)O3 films under a temporal electric field at BL15XU, SPring-8
    O. Seo, J. Kim, C. H. Song, Y. Katsuya, Y. Shimada, T. Yamada, and O. Sakata
    Review of Scientific Instruments 90, 093001 (2019).
  29. Relation between crystalline disorder and electronic structure of Pd nanoparticles and their hydrogen storage properties
    O. Seo, J. Kim, A. Tayal, C. H. Song, L. S. R. Kumara, S. Dekura, H. Kobayashi, H. Kitagawa, and O. Sakata
    RSC Advances 9, 21311-21317 (2019).
  30. Electronic structures of MgO/Fe interfaces with perpendicular magnetization revealed by hard x-ray photoemission with an applied magnetic field
    S. Ueda, M. Mizuguchi, M. Tsujikawa, and M. Shirai
    Science and Technology of Advanced Materials 20, 796-804 (2019).
  31. Tuning of structural, optical band gap, and electrical properties of room-temperature-grown epitaxial thin films through the Fe2O3:NiO ratio
    O. Seo, A. Tayal, J. Kim, C. H. Song, Y. Chen, S. Hiroi, Y. Katsuya, T. Ina, O. Sakata, Y. Ikeya, S. Takano, A. Matsuda, and M. Yoshimoto
    Scientific Reports 9, 4304? (2019).
  32. Wide band gap kesterite absorbers for thin film solar cells: potential and challenges for their deployment in tandem devices
    B. Vermang, G. Brammertz, M. Meuris, T. Schnabel, E. Ahlswede, L. Choubrac, S. Harel, C. Cardinaud, L. Arzel, N. Barreau, J. van Deelen, P-J. Bolt, P. Bras, Y. Ren, E. Jaremalm, S. Khelifi, S. Yang, J. Lauwaert, M. Batuk, J. Hadermann, X. Kozina, E. Handick, C. Hartmann, D. Gerlach, A. Matsuda, S. Ueda, T. Chikyow, R. Felix, Y. Zhang, R. G. Wilks, and M. Bar
    Sustainable Energy & Fuels 3, 2246-2259 (2019).
  33. In situ hard x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy of space charge layer in a ZnO-based all-solid-state electric double-layer transistor
    T. Tsuchiya, Y. Itoh, Y. Yamaoka, S. Ueda, Y. Kaneko, T. Hirosawa, M. Suzuki, and K. Terabe
    The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 123, 10487-10493 (2019).
  34. 0.1%C-2%Si-5%Mn超微細フェライト+オーステナイト鋼の短時間組織形成と力学的特性に及ぼす二相域焼鈍前組織の影響
    安達節展, 鳥塚史郎,足立大樹,伊東篤志
    鉄と鋼 105, 197-206 (2019).
  35. オーステナイト系ステンレス鋼における加工誘起変態挙動に 及ぼす結晶粒径および転位密度の影響
    古金駿, 鳥塚史郎
    鉄と鋼 105, 827-836 (2019).


  1. A trial for distinguish of Mn3+ and Mn4+ ions in LiMn2O4 by anomalous powder x-ray diffraction with focused beam flat sample method
    M. Tanaka, K. Yubuta, Y. Katsuya, and O. Sakata
    AIP Conference Proceedings 2054, 050011 (2019).

Review Articles/Books

  1. Development of Calender Degradation on Li-ion Battery
    T. Sukigara
    Honda R&D Technical Review 31, 94-101 (2019).
  2. Electronic defects in amorphous oxide semiconductors : A review
    K. Ide, K. Nomura, H. Hosono, and T. Kamiya
    Physica Status Solidi A 216, 1800372-1-28 (2019).
  3. The emergence of Heusler alloy catalysts
    T. Kojima, S. Kameoka, and A. P. Tsai
    Science and Technology of Advanced Materials 20, 445–455 (2019).
  4. Electronic Properties of Doped Topological Insulators (BiMn)2Te3 by Means of Bulk Sensitive Hard X-ray Photoemission
    J. Fujii, G. Panaccione, and S. Ueda
    SPring-8/SACLA利用研究成果集 (SPring-8/SACLA Research Report) 7, 43593 (2019).
  5. 異分野融合による新規触媒の発見 貴金属の代替と触媒機能のメカニズム解明に期待
    JETI 67, 41–43 (2019).
  6. Yb 化合物の光電子分光・X 線発光分光
    放射光 32, 147-154 (2019).
  7. 放射光高分解能Gandolfiカメラの開発と小惑星イトカワ試料のX線回折による分析
    M. Tanaka, T. Nakamura
    放射光利用の手引き-農水産、医療、エネルギー、環境、材料開発分野などへの応用- , 315-320 (2019).