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NIMS Award to a world-class researcher who did innovative research and accomplished excellent results in Materials Science

NIMS Conference - NIMS WEEK - NIMS Award Symposium

NIMS Conference (2003~2015)

Tsukuba International Congress Center

This was the biggest international conference organized by NIMS since 2003. We invited world’s top level researchers and discussed a variety of issues and problems based on the latest research results from the perspective of materials research and nano-technology. 
NIMS Award Ceremony and Award Winning-lecture were being held during the 1st day of the conference every year.

NIMS Conference 2015 (2015.7.14~16)
"Materials Innovation Driven by Advanced Characterization"
NIMS Conference 2014(2014.7.1~3)
"A Strong Future from Soft Materials"
NIMS Conference 2013 (2013.6.1~3)
"Structure Control of Atomic/Molecular Thin Films and their Applications“
NIMS Conference 2012 (2012.6.4~6)
"Structural Materials Science and Strategy for Sustainability  - Back to the Basics -
NIMS Conference 2010 (2010.7.12~14)
"Challenges of Nanomaterials Science: towards the Solution of Environment and Energy Problems"
NIMS WEEK 2009 (2009.7.21~24)
"Nanobio- materials and Technologies: Breakthrough for Future Medicine"
NIMS WEEK 2008 (2008.7.14~18)
"Materials Science for Highly Efficient Use of Energy and Resources"
NIMS Conference 2007 (2007.7.11~13)
"Recent Breakthroughs in Materials Science and Technology"

NIMS WEEK (2016-)



15 years have passed at NIMS since the first holding of the international science meeting "NIMS Conference" and technology exhibition "NIMS Forum" in 2001. Since 2016, a week in October, "NIMS WEEK," a concentration of various events will be held.

NIMS Award / NIMS Academic Symposium
There will be NIMS Award Ceremony, Winning-lecture and lectures by a world-top researcher who continues to make innovative achievements in the field of Materials Science and also, poster presentations by a young scientist under the theme of the year will be made.

NIMS Showcase
Introduce newest research results of NIMS and collaborative consultations will be held.

The theme of Academic Symposium (2016-)

NIMS Award / Academic Symposium(at Tokyo International Forum, 2022.11.14)
"Biomaterials × Well-being"
NIMS Award / Academic Symposium(online, 2021.11.17)
"Quantum Revolution in Nanomaterials"
NIMS Award / Academic Symposium (online, 2020.11.27)
"NIMS Award 2020 Winning Lectures"
NIMS Award / Academic Symposium (at Tokyo International Forum, 2019.10.30)
"Materials Innovations Driven by AI + DATA!"
NIMS Award / Academic Symposium (at Tokyo International Forum, 2018.10.15)
"Magnetic Materials Innovations"
NIMS Award / Academic Symposium (at Epochal Tsukuba, International Congress Center, 2017.10.4)
"Structural Materials for Sustainable, Safe and Smart Society - Design vs Performance –"
NIMS Award / Academic Symposium (at Tokyo International Forum, 2016.10.20)
"Mega Evolution of Materials Innovative NIMS"

NIMS Award Symposium(2023-)

In 2003, NIMS began hosting the NIMS Conference, an international meeting serving as a forum for discussions aimed at promoting research in materials science. Its successor, the NIMS Award Symposium, takes on various issues and challenges in materials science and nanotechnology, with the annual theme picked on the basis of the latest research findings.

Main program:
_NIMS Award ceremony and winner’s commemorative lecture
_Special lectures by leading researchers from around the world
_Poster presentations by young researchers
_Date: annually in October
_Language: English

The theme of NIMS Award Symposium (2023-)

NIMS Award Symposium 2023
Structural Materials X Carbon Neutral(at Tsukuba International Congress Center, 2023.11.6-7)