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Bramha: An ultimate CA simulator Narad Muni: CA rule identification tool

Patterns are evolving everywhere. However, for a materials scientist this is nearly impossible to get an idea whether his material has the property of information processing like human brain or not. For this purpose we have designed and build this product.


This software has been used extensively in our recent papers (Nature Physics 2010) for detecting the cellular automaton rules.


Remarkable features of Narad Muni

Narad is a Hindu god who is the detective of heaven. He worships lord Vishnu and keeps information about all secret and open to public events. No information is lost to him, he can find solutions to every single problem related to earth and the heaven.


This software has been developed by a IIT Kanpur student, Rishi Bhartiya when he came to our group as a summer student.


We are developing it further to have the following features.


1. Currently, we have to provide only the STM or AFM image of an evolving pattern and we have to select number of logic levels using which we are trying to analyse the evolution of an event. The software is programmed to avoid the noises generated in the image during experiment and it has been so programmed that it can identify tiny changes in the molecular conformation. However, if we think that there are thousands of errors which the software can not detect then do not worry about it. It will make similar sort of errors with all the molecules. Therefore ultimately, all errors will be neutralized.


2. The next step of an evolving pattern is to identify the local rules a set of pixels are following between two images. These are also called Cellular Automaton rules. Of course in a complex situation, there will be a debate whether we can call it a CA rule or graph grammar. However, the software analyses neighbors one by one following a particular protocol sequentially or randomly, then it carries out statistical data analysis, how many times a particular pattern change occur between a series of images. From that particular analysis finally all the CA rules are detected.


We have given test run on this software and have found that this program can successfully detect the CA rules from patterns of Wolfram's book "A new kind of Science"