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From 2008 onwards we have set up a new laboratory in the ANCC (Advanced Nano Characterization Center). We have shifted all basic tools and facilities in the new laboratory and added several new facilities to make it a completely independent laboratory. There are some facilities which requires some descriptions. Here please find them below:


In the first phase of the development, we have developed two important support systems. The supercomputing facility and the chemical synthesis support.


Another new facility is going to be added to our exclusive facilities is a state-of-the-art scanning tunneling microscope (STM), atomic force microscope (AFM), kelvin probe spectroscopy (KFM), atomic scale photon emission detection, microwave and ultrasound wave measurement at the atomic scale. The entire facility will be commissioned by April 2011. The engineers are working now on the machine design.


Supercomputing facility:

We have built a supercomputing facility in our lab. This has been essential for our research for simulating the nano brain performance before synthesising the materials. At the same time we use this facility for simulating the single molecule devices too.


We have VNL and ATK installed in the supercomputer.


We can also avail Gaussian 09 in a parallel processor.


laboratory new 1


Chemical synthesis facilities:

We have built chemical synthesis utilities. The infrastructure has been development by Dr. Subrata Ghosh for the nano brain and molecular machine synthesis. 


laboratory new 2

Our own designed, dedicated, unique scanning tunneling microscope system:

The design that we have made for the following state-of-the-art system has specifically three kinds of features.


Microwave Antenna:

Molecule deposition under Microwave and ultrasound:

STM, AFM, KFM, photon detection, impedance spectroscopy between 2.5 K-300 K:



The advanced machines will be updated soon.