磁性体が示す磁気・スピン - 電気 - 熱 - 機械的な諸特性やそれらの相関現象を利用し、Society5.0に資する次世代の磁気ストレージ技術や磁気センサ、熱流センサ等の実現に資する材料開拓及びデバイス開発を進めていきます。データ駆動型アプローチによる新規材料創成やデバイス高性能化を積極的に推進します。

By utilizing the magnetic, spin, electrical, thermal, and mechanical properties of magnetic materials and their correlated phenomena, we will promote the development of materials and devices that contribute to the realization of next-generation magnetic storage technology, magnetic sensors, and heat flow sensors, which will contribute to Society 5.0. Actively promote the creation of new materials and device performance through data-driven approaches.

What's New!!

周 偉男氏が定年制研究者として着任しました。
Dr. Weinan Zhou has joined our group as a researcher.
周偉男 (ICYSリサーチフェロー)、桜庭裕弥グループリーダー (磁気機能デバイスグループ)らは、熱電材料と磁性材料を積層したシンプルな構造を用いて、熱流と直交方向に電界を生む「横型」熱電効果を飛躍的に増大できることを世界で初めて実証しました。
  • 《プレスリリース》熱電×磁性の複合構造で横型熱電効果を飛躍的に向上 ~簡便な積層構造で実現、新規熱電デバイスへの応用に期待~
  •   2023.09.04

    The group name has been changed to "Magnetic Functional Device Group" due to the reorganization at NIMS.
    Dr. Hirofumi Suto, a senior researcher of Magnetic Materials Group, won the "MSJ (The Magnetics Society of Japan) Significant Contribution Award".
    A NIMS research team devised a new thermoelectric generation mechanism with a hybrid structure composed of thermoelectric and magnetic materials. The team then actually fabricated this structure and observed the record-high thermopower appearing in the direction perpendicular to a temperature gradient.
  • Demonstration of Unconventional Transverse Thermoelectric Generation - Composite of Thermoelectric and Magnetic Materials with High Thermopower May Open up a New Way to Wide-Ranging Energy Applications -
  •   2020.05.29
    NIMS and AIST have jointly succeeded in fabricating a giant magnetoresistive (GMR) device comprising single-crystal Heusler alloys on an practical silicon substrate. The team demonstrated for the first time that a single-crystal magnetoresistive device can be bonded onto the surface of a polycrystalline electrode using a wafer bonding technique.
  • Fabrication of a Single-Crystal Giant Magnetoresistive Device on a Polycrystalline Film - Technique May Promote Practical Use of High-Performance Magnetoresistive Devices Comprising Half-Metallic Heusler Alloys-
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