Research Topics 2011

Functional nanomaterials doped polymer nanowires synthesized by a pulsed laser irradiation

-Effective approach for development of molecular devises-

December 21, 2011

This research was conducted by
Michiko Sasaki1, Postdoctoral Researcher
Masahiro Goto1, MANA Scientist
Akira Kasahara2, Principal Researcher
Toyohiro Chikyow, MANA Principal Investigator1
Masahiro Tosa2, Group Leader

1Nano-Electronic Materials Unit, MANA, NIMS, 2Innovative Tribomaterials Group, E&EM Div. /High Temperature Materials Unit, NIMS

We have succeeded to synthesize nanomaterials doped polymer nanowires by a pulsed laser irradiation. The polymer nanowires grew perpendicular to the surface of a source film that included the nanomaterials and dye molecules as a photoabsorber. The technique is one of the solutions for fabricating of molecular devises using functional nanomaterials.

fig. 1

Figure 1. High resolution SEM image of the iron oxide nanomaterials doped polystyrene nanowires synthesized by a pulsed laser irradiation.

fig. 1

Figure 2. STEM image of the iron oxide nanoparticles doped polystyrene nanowire.

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