MANA Principal Investigators (PIs)

Principal Investigators are internationally known world-top class scientists, who take the main role to achieve the MANA research targets and serve as mentors for younger researchers. MANA has selected Principal Investigators from NIMS and other domestic and overseas institutes.

Group Leaders

A Group Leader heads a research group of a research unit led by one of the Principal Investigators.

MANA Associate Principal Investigators (APIs)

An Associate Principal Investigator is a promising young scientist, who is expected to perform his own research as almost comparable to a Principal investigator.

MANA Scientists

MANA Scientists are researchers from NIMS, who perform research together with Principal Investigators.

Independent Scientists

Independent Scientists are younger researchers at NIMS, who work full-time for MANA and can perform their own research independently.

ICYS-MANA Researchers

ICYS-MANA Researcher is a position for postdoctoral fellows selected from all over the world by open recruitment. ICYS-MANA researchers perform their own research independently by receiving advice from Mentors and MANA Principal Investigators.

MANA Research Associates

MANA Research Associates are post-doctoral researchers employed by a Principal Investigator or a MANA Independent Scientist.

Graduate Students

Graduate Students are doctor-course students, who are employed by MANA as part-time researchers.

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