Research Topics 2011

Successful Development of Highly Sensitive General-Purpose Sensor

-For Medical, Biological, Security, and Environmental Applications-

Feb 8, 2011

This research was conducted by
Genki Yoshikawa, Terunobu Akiyama (EPFL), Sebastian Gautsch (EPFL), Peter Vettiger (EPFL) and Heinrich Rohrer (1986 Nobel Laureate in Physics)

A highly sensitive novel sensor, Membrane-type Surface stress Sensor (MSS), has successfully developed. This sensor can be miniaturized and integrated with a multidimensional array and is also suitable for batch fabrication. It is expected as a versatile sensor for medical, biological, security, and environmental applications.

fig. 1

Figure 1(left): Schematic image of the measurement of various analytes ranging from gaseous to biological molecules using an array of micro-cantilevers. The deflection induced by an adsorption of analyte molecules is being detected.

fig. 1

Figure 2 (right): Newly developed Membrane-type Surface stress Sensor (MSS). The surface stress induced by an adsorption of analytes on the center membrane is efficiently detected by the piezoresistors embedded at the four peripheral beams.

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