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Press ReleasePress Release 2012

Manipulation of Majorana particles based on quantum nanoarchitectonics

13 Sep, 2012

MANA research associates Dr. Q. F. Liang and Dr. Z. Wang and PI Dr. X. Hu have formulated successfully a way to manipulate Majorana fermions based on the topological quantum property. Majorana fermion is equivalent to its anti-particle, and has not yet been discovered as an elementary particle. Recently it is understood that quasiparticle excitations of topological superconductors behave in a similar way as Majorana fermions, but their manipulations are difficult since they are charge neutral.

Using the topological quantum nano structure designed by the research group, one can transport and exchange Majorana fermions merely by switching local gate voltages. Braiding of Majorana fermions obeys the non-Abelian statistics, and thus can be used for implementation of quantum computation robust to quantum decoherence.


Fig. 1 (left): Schematics of a quantum device used to exchange two Majorana fermions (red and green). The four topological superconductors are connected by constriction junctions, where gate voltages can be applied to control hopping of electrons.
Fig. 2 (right): Wave functions of Majorana fermions at the core of superconducting vortex and the sample edge (red part).


Fig. 3 (left): Transportation of Majorana fermion by switching gate voltages at the constriction junctions. The Majoana fermions grabbed at the vortex core is not shown explicitly here.
Fig. 4 (right): Schematics of device for large-scale topological quantum computation.

Further information


Qi-Feng Liang1, 2, Zhi Wang1, and Xiao Hu1, Manipulation of Majorana fermions by point-like gate voltage in the Vortex state of a topological superconductor, Europhysics Letters, 99, 50004 (Editor’s choice).

  1. Nano-Electronics Materials Unit, International Center for Materials Nanoarchitectonics (MANA), National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS)
  2. Department of Physics, Shaoxing University, China

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