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NIMS Technology Showcase 2023

26 Sep, 2023
(2 Oct, 2023 Update)

"NIMS Technology Showcase 2023" is the event for presenting the latest research results and technologies of the National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) for academia and industry. The focus is on future applications and practical use.
"NIMS Technology Showcase 2023" will be held at Tokyo International Forum in central Tokyo.
MANA researchers will also present a poster. We look forward to meeting you.

The details are as follows.
*Pre-registration is required (Free)

Date October 11th (Wed), 2023
Schedule 10:00~11:55Welcome Address, Greetings, Plenary Talk ①
Outcome Speeches from NIMS ①-⑤
11:55~13:00NIMS Poster sessions ①
13:00~14:15Introduction of collaboration scheme, Introduction of facility services
Outcome Speeches from NIMS ⑥-⑧
14:30~15:50Outcome Speeches from NIMS ⑨-⑩, Plenary Talk ②
Venture Pitch Presentation ①-③
15:50~17:00NIMS Poster sessions ②
Venue Tokyo International Forum [Hall B5]
Official Website NIMS Technology Showcase 2023 (Japanese)
Registration Form Registration *Registration Dead Line : October 10th, 2023

Schedule of events with MANA Researchers

E1 Monolithic silicone diffuse reflective material Gen Hayase (Independent Scientist)
E2 Diamond high-mobility transistor Takahide Yamaguchi (Quantum Materials Field)
Yosuke Sasama (ICYS Research Fellow, International Center for Young Scientists)
E3 Development, Release and Applications of a large-scale first-principles calculatoin program Tsuyoshi Miyazaki (Quantum Materials Simulation Group)
Ayako Nakata (Quantum Materials Simulation Group)
E4 Development of first-principles calculation program PHASE/0 and its applications Jun Nara (Quantum Materials Simulation Group)
E5 Materails Development for Spectrosocpic Thermal Emission Tadaaki Nagao (Photonics Nano-Engineering Group)
E6 High performance thermoelectric power generation & cooling materials & devices Takako Mori (Thermal Energy Materials Group)

E7 UV ray protection by white oxidized Fe Yusuke Ide (Layered Nanochemistry Group)
E8 Liquid Electrets Takashi Nakanishi ( Frontier Molecules Group)
E9 Aldehyde/alcohol/ethylene sensor Shinsuke Ishihara (Frontier Molecules Group)
E10 Tunable light absorbers and emitters Naoto Shirahata (Nanoparticle Group)
E11 Radiative cooling for continuous thermoelectric power generation in day and night Satoshi Ishii (Optical Nanostructure Team)

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