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Nanocar Race 2 Online Lecture Held by the NIMS-MANA TEAM at LFIT

13 Oct, 2021

On Tuesday 12th October, the NIMS-MANA TEAM and a race official held an online lecture at The International French School of Tokyo (LFIT) about the Nanocar Race 2 project.

About 50 first-grade high school students taking courses in chemistry, physics or digital informatics attended the lecture. First, Christian Joachim (MANA satellite PI and race director of Nanocar Races 2) explained the concept and history of the race, including the significance in both physical and chemical aspects. Then, Tomonobu Nakayama (MANA Principal Investigator and director of the NIMS-MANA TEAM) introduced the team’s latest activities and the concept of their molecule cars under development.
The students enjoyed listening to the lecture and were enthusiastic to exchange opinions and questions.

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(Photo courtesy: LFIT)

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