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NIMS WEEK 2017 "MEGA Evolution of Materials"

" Evolution of the Materials Changes the World. "

22 Sep, 2017
(22 Sep, 2017 Update)

This October, NIMS, one of the world’s foremost materials research institute, will hold a 3 days event, showing its most advanced research results and promoting technology transfer. We are all looking forward to your visit.

NIMS WEEK is the annual event organized by National Institute for Materials Science. Event will be held for 3 days including academic symposium and business Fair. More than 1,500 people from private companies and research institutes, both domestic and overseas, have visited the event last year, and used the convention to form collaborative research to realize the practical application of novel materials. Event includes special lectures from recipients of the international "NIMS Award," which is presented to leaders of world-class innovative research in the field of materials science, latest research results with promising applications to industry, and individually coordinated consultation sessions for business. In addition, we will be holding largest ever Open Laboratory (exhibiting 76 laboratories) for private companies from this year.

Don’t miss the chance to see this big event and the evolution of world-changing materials.

NIMS WEEK 2017 "MEGA Evolution of Materials" 4th - 6th October, 2017
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