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The First-ever International Molecule Car Race "NanoCar Race" Takes Place in Toulouse, France

19 Apr, 2017
(19 Apr, 2017 Update)

The first-ever international molecule car race "NanoCar Race" will take place on April 28-29, 2017 at CNRS in Toulouse, France. Six teams from five countries around the world will compete with each other for the first place over 36 hours. From Japan, NIMS-MANA team will participate with the molecule car propelled by flapping motions of two wing-like structures on the molecule.

Live public viewing event will take place at Miraikan in Tokyo, Japan on Saturday, April 29 from 15:30.
Live streaming of the race will be broadcasted via NanoCar Race official YouTube channel as well.

NanoCar Race Homepage

Miraikan Homepage (Japanese)

NanoCar Race Official YouTube Channel

NIMS-MANA team's molecule car and team leader Waka Nakanishi, Senior Researcher

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