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The 10th Japanese Culture Class 2010 -Indigo Dyeing-

27 Feb, 2011

The 10th Japanese Culture Class "Indigo Dyeing" was held on February 25. The instructor was Mr. Takeshi Tada from the Makabe Indigo Dyeing Preservation Society. After receiving instructions from teachers on how to dye with natural indigo, 18 participants tried to dye white cotton handkerchiefs with making iris patterns by using marbles, chopsticks and rubber in their own way.

In the unique smell of natural indigo, participants were finally able to indigo dye after repeating the process to aerate immersed in indigo blue dye for three times.
After the class Participants visited the Makabe Dolls Festival. They seemed to have fun shopping at stalls rather than the dolls.


Preparing iris pattens


Trying the indigo dyeing


Aerate immersing, the final process of the indigo dyeing


Makabe Dolls Festival

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