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The 8th Japanese Culture Class -Seal Engraving-

3 Dec, 2011

The 8th Japanese Culture Class "Seal Engraving" instructed by Mr. Ujin, seal engraving artist, was held on December 2, 2011. This time the class was arranged to carve a printed style of a Japanese Kanji, following a request by participants of last year's Seal Engraving class.

After a lecture and demonstration by the instructor, 12 participants engraved their initials for trial. Then they engraved a Kanji letter of their choice, selected by the meaning or by the pronunciation of the name of a family member.

The participants' great concentration on carving resulted in excellent workmanship which surprised the instructor.

Participants of the class

Participants of the Seal Engraving class.

Participants concentrated on engraving

Participants concentrated on engraving.

a work of participant1

He engraved the Kanji character for "year".

a work of participant2

She chose the Kanji character for "fortune".

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