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The 5th Japanese Culture Class 2011 -Sado-

21 Sep, 2011

On September 20, the 5th Japanese culture class "Sado" instructed by the Omotesenke Japanese Tea Instructor Ms. Soshin Hashiba was held at the instructor's house.

After learning how to bow, to receive a meal and to use chopsticks, 13 participants enjoyed a tea-ceremony dish, which was specially served vegetarian cuisine using the first rice crop and vegetable just harvested from the instructor's house. Then they cleaned their hands and mouth at a wash basin. When they heard the sound of a gong they entered into a small tea room, where they enjoyed chestnut tea cakes and powdered tea served by the instructor under Japanese candlelight.

Some of the participants said "I enjoyed the wonderful Japanese culture very much" and "Hope my family can take the same kind of the experience when they come to Japan".

Learning how to receive a tea-ceremony dish.

Cleaning hands and a mouth at a wash basin before entering a tea-room.

Taking powdered Japanese tea under Japanese candlelight.

The participants of the class together wiht the instructor.

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