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The 3rd Japanese Culture Class 2011 -Japanese Herbs-

30 Jul, 2011

The 3rd Japanese Culture Class 2011 " Japanese Herbs" instructed by Mr. Masaki Furuya, Japanese Herb Federation, was held at Ninomiya-House, Tsukuba, on July 29, 2011.

After receiving a lecture about the type and efficacy of herbs that live in Japan, participants tasted two kinds of herbal tea. Everybody seemed to enjoy a tasting. Some participants were relaxed by a scent of Lindera and others were surprised by a strong scent of chameleon plant. Subsequently, the instructor demonstrated to cook three dishes with Japanese herbs: Genoa source, curry paste and horse mackerel tartare Japanese herbal style. Looking for a cleaning of horse mackerel by the instructor and cooking of its tartare Japanese style, one of participant, who didn’t usually eat raw fish, tasted it.

Tasting Japanese herb

Preparation of herbal dishes

How about a taste of herbal dish?

Participants of the culture class

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