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Mitsuhiro Ebara, Group Leader Appears in "Tsukuba Kid's Question" Event

19 Mar, 2020
(19 Mar, 2020 Update)

Mitsuhiro Ebara, Group leader of Smart Polymers Group, Tsukuba Science Education Meister answered questions from elementary and junior high school students at the “Tsukuba Kid's Question” event, a online learning support program for children supported by Tsukuba City.
The program live proadcasted on the YouTube channel.

Online Media
・YouTube (2020.03.16)
 Tsukuba Children's Question Online 【Researcher Session #1】*Japanese
・NHK IBARAKI NEWS WEB(2020.3.17)*Japanese

» Tsukuba Children's Question (TSUKUBA STEAM COMPASS) *Japanese

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