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ConferenceConference 2013

Swiss-Japanese Nanoscience Workshop: Materials Phenomena at Small Scale

Date 9 Oct, 2013 - 11 Oct, 2013
(Published on 9 Sep, 2013)

In 2014 Japan and Switzerland are celebrating the 150th anniversary of their diplomatic relations and several events and conferences will take place to further strengthen the ties between the two countries. Within this context NIMS, JST and ETH Zurich as Leading House of the Japanese-Swiss bilateral Science and Technology Program are organizing a workshop to connect top researchers from leading Japanese and Swiss institutions and promote cooperation and exchange among young scientists (senior students). The workshop will show the frontiers of nanoscience research in Japan and Switzerland and include presentations on respective policies and key centers.

Date 9(wed)-11(fri) October , 2013
Time 9(wed) / 9:00-18:05
10(thu) / 8:30-18:00
11(fri) / 8:30-13:35
Venue 1F Auditorium, WPI-MANA Bldg., NIMS (Namiki 1-1, Tsukuba)
Registration The workshop is open to further interested participants, please register online
Registration page (JST)
Registration fee Free
Registration Deadline 16 September , 2013

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