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ConferenceConference 2010

2nd NIMS (MANA)-Waseda International Symposium

Date 4 Dec, 2010
(Published on 1 Dec, 2010)

The joint symposium with MANA and Waseda University has been held on December 1, 2010. The symposium consisted of lab tour at Sengen and Namiki site, NIMS (MANA) in the morning and three sessions in the aftermoon. The Sessions had eight oral presentations by the researchers from both of NIMS and Waseda University and 45 poster presentations from the students and post docs in the field of materials science covering the fundamentals and technological aspects of various advanced materials and their applications.

Date December 1, 2010
Time 9:30-12:00 Lab Tour
13:00-19:00 Sessions
Place 2nd Meeting Room, 1F, Central Bldg., Sengen, NIMS


Lab tour at Sengen Site, NIMS.


Oral presentaion by Dr. Osada, MANA Scientist.


Poster presentaions in the Session 3.


Participants of the symposium.

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