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AwardAward 2014

Research Results by MANA Researcher Mitsuhiro Ebara Awarded the Project Prize at nano tech 2014

7 Feb, 2014

reseacher's photo

MANA Scientist Dr. Mitsuhiro Ebara(right)

An exhibition of research results obtained by MANA Scientist Dr. Mitsuhiro Ebara, entitled “Development of Anti-Cancer Nanofiber Mesh,” was awarded the Project Prize (Nano-Life Field) at the 13th nano tech International Nanotechnology Exhibition & Conference (nano tech 2014).

The “nano tech International Nanotechnology Exhibition & Conference” is the world's largest nanotechnology fair and is also an essential event for state-of the-art manufacturing. “nano tech 2014” was held at Odaiba, Tokyo, on January 29-31. NIMS participated in the exhibition along with approximately 600 other institutions, including companies and universities.

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