News 2012


[Dec 17]
Dr. Tsukagosi
The 9th JSPS Prize is Awarded to Dr. Kazuhito Tsukagosi


[Oct 3]
5th anniversary
MANA 5th Anniversary Memorial Symposium was held
[Oct 1]
PCCP-MANA Symposium on Nanotechnology, Materials and Physical Chemistry was held


[Sep 5]
Deputy Minister
Deputy Minister of the National Science Council of Taiwan visited MANA


[Aug 27-31]
summer school
The 8th Japan-UK-USA Nanotechnology Summer School was Successfully Held
[Aug 3]
science camp
Summer Science Camp 2012 was Successfully Held


[Jul 26]
Yusuke Yamauchi
Dr. Yusuke Yamauchi Received the Tsukuba Encouragement Prize
[Jul 19]
UdeM-MANA Joint workshop
1st UdeM-MANA workshop on Nano-Life was Successfully Held
[Jul 5]
Australian/MANA Joint workshop
A commemorative ceremony for the completion of NanoGREEN/WPI ? MANA building


[May 11]
Australian/MANA Joint workshop
Dr. Stefan Noreen, Former Swedish Ambassador to Japan, Visited MANA
[May 10]
Australian/MANA Joint workshop
Australia/MANA Joint workshop Was Held
[May 7]
MANA executives
MANA Second-term Kickoff Meeting


[Apr 14]
Dr. Tominaka
Dr. Tominaka Received the Funai Research Incentive Award
[Apr 2]
Dr. Osada
Dr. Osada Received the 7th NIMS President's Research Encouragement Award


[Mar 29]
Delegatin from NTNU
MANA Visit of a Student Delegation from NTNU, Norway
[Mar 24]
Chairman of HUST Board visit
Chairman of HUST Board, China, Visited MANA
[Mar 5]
MANA International Symposium 2012 Successfully Finished


[Feb 21]
Dr. Bando and Dr. Golberg
Dr. Bando and Dr. Golberg Received the 3rd Thomson Reuters Research Front Award for 2011
[Feb 8]
Dr. Takayoshi Sasaki
Dr. Takayoshi Sasaki Awarded the CSJ Prize 2012
[Feb 7]
Deligates frm Norway
MANA Visit of a Delegation from Norway


[Jan 23]
Prof. Winnik
Prof. Winnik won the 2012 Chemical Institute of Canada Award
[Jan 6]
cover picture
MANA Featured in Special Issue of Advanced Materials
[Jan 1]
MANA researchers
MANA Researchers Featured in NHK BS Premium Program