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PCCP-MANA Symposium on Nanotechnology, Materials and Physical Chemistry


The PCCP-MANA Symposium on Nanotechnology, Materials and Physical Chemistry jointly organized by Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (PCCP), the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), MANA and the Chemical Society of Japan (CSJ), was held on October 1 with 105 attendees.

The Symposium started with a welcome address by MANA Director-General Dr. Masakazu Aono, and a short introduction of PCCP by Dr. Philip Earis from RSC Publishing.

Subsequent sessions were five invited oral presentations by Prof. Graham Hutchings (Cardiff University), Prof. Kazuhiko Maeda (PCCP Prize Winner, Tokyo Institute of Technology), Prof. Marie-Paul Pileni (Pierre & Marie Curie University), Dr. Mitsutoshi Maeda (AIST), and Prof. David Nesbitt (University of Colorado at Boulder) and three oral presentations by MANA Principal Investigators (Dr. Takayoshi Sasaki, Dr. Jinhua Ye, and Prof. Yukio Nagasaki) were performed.

The participants were invloved in active discussions on results from a wide variety of fields including environmental and energy, nanotechnology, materials science, and medical science.

masakazu aono

Dr. Masakazu Aono

Philip Earis

Dr. Philip Earis

Kazuhiko Maeda

Prof. Kazuhiko Maeda

Graham Hutchings

Prof. Graham Hutchings

Marie-Paul Pileni

Prof. Marie-Paul Pileni

Mitsutoshi Masuda

Dr. Mitsutoshi Masuda

David Nesbitt

Prof. David Nesbitt


The participants in the Auditorium

group photo

The participants at the entrance of WPI-MANA building.