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ICYS Alumni, Drs. Gaku Imamura, Kosuke Minami and Genki Yoshikawa, received the “Tsukuba Encouragement Prize 2023”

Three ICYS alumni in Research Center for Macromolecules and Biomaterials in NIMS, Dr. Gaku Imamura(Senior Researcher), Dr. Kosuke Minami ( Senior Researcher )and Dr. Genki Yoshikawa (Group Leader)received the “Tsukuba Encouragement Prize 2023: " for their research of “Comprehensive Research, Development, and Social Implementation of Olfactory Sensors Using Membrane-type Surface stress Sensors (MSS) “

The award is given by the Science and Technology Promotion Foundation of Ibaraki to encourage researchers who are involved in research on Science and Technology in Ibaraki Prefecture, and to honor the researchers who have achieved significant research as well as creative research accomplishments".

▶Tsukuba Encouragement Prize 2023 Research for Practical Use Category

Award Recipient:
Dr. Gaku Imamura (Senior Researcher, Electrochemical Nano-Bio Group)
Dr. Kosuke Minami (Senior Researcher, Olfactory Sensors Group)
Dr. Genki Yoshikawa (Group Leader, Olfactory Sensor Group)

Awarded Research Subject :
Comprehensive Research, Development, and Social Implementation of Olfactory Sensors Using Membrane-type Surface stress Sensors (MSS)
(膜型表面応力センサ (MSS)を用いた嗅覚センサの総合的研究・開発と社会実装)

Reason for Award :
The five human senses (sight, hearing, taste, etc.) have been industrialized in various forms. However, olfactory sensors have not yet been implemented in society despite more than 40 years of research and development.

The award recipients have succeeded in expressing viscoelastic properties as a theoretical equation by elucidating physical phenomena occurring in membrane surface stress sensors (MSS), which are known as olfactory sensors, and have realized olfactory sensors such as nanostructures with chemical diversity that can handle a variety of odor molecules. On the other hand, they have also succeeded in developing a new signal analysis method for online, highly accurate odor identification based on stored data on the cloud, which has been implemented in society. The research subject has succeeded in providing a new market environment where anyone can experience the digitization of smells through the comprehensive research and development of olfactory sensors, and has established a NIMS venture company, Qception, Inc.


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▶National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS)
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Dr.Gaku Imamura
Dr. Kosuke Minami
Dr. Genki Yoshikawa