"Fugaku Battery and Fuel Cell Project" 1st Symposium (Research Results Report Meeting)

2021.03.21 13:00
Date:March 21, 2021 (Sun) 13:00~15:40
Form:Online (will be informed the registered participants how to attend)
Participation fee:Free
Application:To register, please click the button below and fill out the registration form.


Fugaku BFC has been about one year passed since its inauguration in April 2020.
As the "Computational and Data Science Study for ET Revolution by Development of Next-Generation Battery and Fuel Cell" project of the MEXT "Program for Promoting Researches on the Supercomputer Fugaku", at the 1st public symposium (Research Results Report Meeting), the project leader will give an overview of the Fugaku BFC, and four researchers will report the results of FY2020.
At the same time, Professor Kohei Uosaki (NIMS) will give a special lecture in the meeting.
We would appreciate your participation as an opportunity to publish and develop the results.


13:00-13:05 Opening Remarks :Yoshitaka Tateyama(NIMS)
13:05-13:10 Guest Greeting
13:10-13:25 Overview of Fugaku Battery and Fuel Cell Project
□□□□□□:Yoshitaka Tateyama(NIMS)
13:25-13:55 Invited Talk
□□□□□□:Prof. Kohei Uosaki(NIMS)
13:55-14:15 電気化学界面シミュレーション技術の社会実装と電池材料への適用
□□□□□□(Sub Theme A-1):Minoru Otani(AIST)
14:15-14:35 Break
14:35-14:55 大規模第一原理計算による全固体電池電解質界面のイオン・電子状態解明
□□□□□□(Sub Theme A-2):Yoshitaka Tateyama(NIMS)
14:55-15:15 燃料電池反応の計算科学と次世代型電極の実現に向けた計算予測
□□□□□□(Sub Theme B-1):Osamu Sugino(Univ. Tokyo)
15:15-15:35 燃料電池高分子電解質膜バルク中における物質輸送の分子動力学計算による研究
□□□□□□(Sub Theme B-2):Susumu Okazaki(Univ. Tokyo)
15:35-15:40 Closing Remarks :Osamu Sugino(Univ. Tokyo)


National Institute for Materials Science "Fugaku Battery and Fuel Cell Project"


ICSCP : Industrial Committee for Supercomputing Promotion
Foundation for Computational Science
Research Organization for Information Science and Technology


It will be held as a co-sponsored symposium of the 101st CSJ Annual Meeting. Anyone can participate, regardless of whether or not they participate in the 101st CSJ Annual Meeting.


National Institute for Materials Science "Fugaku Battery and Fuel Cell Project" Secretariat (Please change "=" to "@")
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