The 11th International Conference on the Science and Technology for Advanced Ceramics

July 9-11, 2019 / Tsukuba International Congress Center (EPOCHAL), Tsukuba, Japan

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The eleventh International Conference on the Science and Technology for Advanced Ceramics (STAC-11)

STAC-11 was successuflly closed. Let us get together in Yokohama for STAC-12 in 2020. See you.

The cutting edge of ceramic research is evolving rapidly, leading into areas far beyond the traditional image of ceramics. The main materials of ceramics are oxides. They are typically abundant, benign for environment, and have many unique properties. Many of these features are not seen in typical semiconductors and organic materials. Furthermore, many unknown properties are untapped and as yet undiscovered as exemplified by high-Tc superconductors. STAC aims to provide a new forum to stimulate the growth of advanced ceramic science and promote its integration into other disciplines through presentations and discussions on currently emerging research topics.

The 11th International Conference on the Science and Technology for Advanced Ceramics (STAC-11)

  • Date: July 9-11, 2019
  • Venue: Tsukuba International Congress Center(EPOCHAL) Tsukuba, Japan
  • Organizer: The organizing committee of STAC-11
  • Co-organizers (Tentative)
    • National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) [LINK]
    • Tokyo Instittute of Technology(Tokyo Tech)
      • Laboratory for Materials and Structure [LINK]
      • Materials Research Center for Elemental Technology [LINK]
      • School of Materials and Chemical Technology [LINK]
    • Tsukuba Tourism and Convention Association [LINK]
    • Tsukuba City [LINK]
    • The Ceramic Society of Japan [LINK]

STAC-11 will be held in Tsukuba Science City in 2019.

Tsukuba is a city designed for integrated science and techology in many field, including Engineering, Medicals and agriculture. One of the best lcation to have exchange with many scientists with different specialty. The organizers are welcoming people who are interested in Ceramics Science and Technology from over the world.

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Important notice and Updates

  • Registration hours
    The first day / July 9th: 8:45-16:30
    The second day / July 10th: 8:45-16:30
    The third day / July 11th: 8:45-10:45
  • Latest version of the program
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  • Submission Deadline has been extended.
    New deadline is May 18 (2019)[(0:00AM(JST)]. Visit <Submission page> to submit your presentation at STAC-11
  • Please use new submission form (V1.2D) updated on Apr. 18, 2019
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  • Invited speakers list has been updated.
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