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NIMS NOW is a free monthly newsletter subscribed in 74 countries, containing the latest researches and activities in NIMS including:

▪ Latest researches and events in NIMS
▪ Trends in materials science today
▪ Interviews with guests from the world of science and technology
▪ International collaborations
▪ Voice of NIMS researchers

Prototype of Fe-based Superconducting Wire Using Fe(Se, Te)
  Hiroaki Kumakura et al
2009 Vol.7 No.10
Establishment of Stacking Structure of Chlorophyll Macromolecules
- NIMS 930 MHz Solid State NMR plays the key role
  Tadashi Shimizu

Vol.7 No.9
Feature & Interview - Superconducting Materials
- Development of MgB2Wire for Commercial Application
    Hiroaki Kumakura
- NMR Measurements of Protein using a High Tc Superconducting Coil
    Tsukasa Kiyoshi et al
  Vol.7 No.4
Award Winners for 2008 (only in Japanese edition)
- High Magnetic Field Forum of Japan: Miura Award for Young Researcher
  Kenjiro Hashi
  Vol.7 No.1
Round-table discussion
- NIMS Nanotechnology Network, supporting shared use of cutting-edge equipments
  Tadashi Shimizu
2008 Vol.6 No.4
NIMS Researchers Guiding the Next Generation at Universities in Japan
  Hiroaki Kumakura and Shinya Uji
2007 Vol.5 No.12
The Latest News from TML - 930 MHz NMR and 40T Class Hybrid Magnet
 Giyuu Kido
  Vol.5 No.11
Superconducting Materials Centre
- Projects for High Performance in Superconducting Materials by Nano Structural Control
  Hiroaki Kumakura
  Vol.5 No.7
Development of High Field Solid-State NMR and Application to Nanomaterials Research
  Tadashi Shimizu, Masataka Tansyo, Atsushi Goto, Kenjiro Hashi
2006 Vol.4 No.10
National Record for Hybrid Magnet, succeeded in 37.9 T generation
  Toshihisa Asano
2005 Vol.3 No.2
World Record for NMR Magnet - 930 MHz as a stap to 1 GHz NMR (only in Japanese edition)
  Tsukasa Kiyoshi
2004 Vol.2 No.10
The New Possibilities afforded by High Magnetic Technology (Japanese only)
- Solid NMR Development by High Magnetisation
    Tadashi Shimizu
- 920 MHz NMR Spectrometer, Ultra-Sensitive Measurements of Protein
    Tsukasa Kiyoshi
- High Magnetic Field and Molecular Device - Self-assembled Porphyrin Ring
    Ken Takazawa
- 17.3 T Cryocooled Superconducting Magnet using 2 K Refrigerating System
    Akio Sato
2003 Japanese edition
Vol.3 No.8
The New Cryogenic Technology
- the Application to Ceramic Magnetic Cryogenic Storage System (Japanese only)
  Takenori Numazawa
  Japanese edition
Vol.3 No.5
MOU with National Pulsed Magnetic Field Laboratory, Toulouse, France (Japanese only) 2002 Japanese edition
Vol.2 No.12
High Resolution NMR Analysis in the World's Highest Magnetic Field (Japanese only)
  Tadashi Shimizu
  Japanese edition
Vol.2 No.5
920 MHz NMR Magnet for Protein Structure Analysis broke the World Record (Japanese only)
  Tsukasa Kiyoshi
Development of the New Superconducting Material, MgB2 Wire
- Simple Structure Enables the World Class Critical Current Density
  Hiroaki Kumakura
2001 Japanese edition
Vol.1 No.4
Prototype of the Novel Superconducting Material, MgB2 Wire (Japanese only)
  Hiroaki Kumakura
Japanese edition
Vol.1 No.3
Press Release
- The New Superconductivity Phenomenon Induced by a High Magnetic Field (Japanese only)
  Shinya Uji
Japanese edition
Vol.1 No.2

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