Vol.3 No.2 <February>

Special Features: Manufacturing Frontier II

2005.02.10 Published


Special Features: Manufacturing Frontier II

VENUS: A 3D Visualization System for Crystal Structures and Electron/Nuclear Densities
X-Ray Absorption Fine Structure (XAFS) Microscope
Development of Photocathode Type Electron Beam Source of High Intensity
Development of Production Method for Fine Spherical Metallic Powder of Uniform Size
Quasicrystal as a Promising Precursor for Catalysts
- A copper catalyst with high activity and high thermal stability -
Solar-Blind Ultraviolet Sensor

Research Frontier:

Internet Electron Microscope Enters the Education Field
- Interactive at anytime, anywhere,and for anyone -
Successful Generation of 37.9 Tesla, Breaking the Domestic Record for a Steady Magnetic Field
- Development of water-cooled insert magnet for hybrid magnet -


  • Visit by Korean Students in Winter Institute Program
  • Appointment of New Vice President

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