Catalytic Materials Group

We are conducting research and development of functional catalysis materials which play an important role in environmental remediation. Special attention will be paid to highly efficient photocatalytic materials for effective decomposition of various organic pollutants, bacteria with sunlight irradiation, and to highly active, poison-tolerant & precious-metal-free intermetallic catalysts for exhaust purification & energy generation. Theoretical studies will be conducted for the sake of understanding the mechanism of catalytic reactions and accelerating materials development.

Geomaterials Group

In order to solve the global environmental problems and survive in 21st century, it is essential for us to convert the present society to an environmental-friendly sustainable society. Under these circumstances, one of the research targets is the development of environmental-friendly materials. The 4.6 billion years history of the Earth has produced the mild climate and beautiful landscape, and also created natural resources and more than 14,000 species of narural minerals. Each mineral has own chemical composition and structure, and also indicates the interesting property and functions. By mimicking the natural system, we produce the geomaterial, geo-inspired materials with environmental purification and remediation activities for solving the environmental problems.

Fundamental Process Group

Toward the realization of high-efficient photocatalysts, we have been conducting both theoretical and experimental researches on the elementary steps in photocatalytic reactions. Theoretical studies using first principle calculation give us fruitful and stimulating pictures of the elementary steps which could not be easily obtained in experiments. Based on the theoretically obtained results, we design a new photocatalyst and attempt to synthesize photocatalysts with higher efficiency.

Our Mission

Towards realization of a sustainable society, the project is aimed at developing innovative materials & technology which enable efficient environmental remediation by removal or detoxification of hazardous substances from air, water, and soil, through selective absorption, fixation, or decomposition/transformation.

Unit Director@@Jinhua YE

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