About This Project

Project theme:「R&D of Innovative Materials for Environmental Remediation」

@ Highly efficient photocatalytic materials for effective decomposition of various organic pollutants, and bacteria with sunlight irradiation.
A Highly active, poison-tolerant & precious-metal-free intermetallic catalysts for exhaust purification.
B Advanced functional mesoporous materials for effective & selective adsorption and catalytic decomposition of hazardous substances in gaseous or liquid states.
C Functional Geomaterials and novel nanocomposite for selective adsorption of toxic ions and heavy metals.
D A general understanding to surface and interface phenomena of environmental remediation materials, and a guideline for materials development.

「Advanced Photocatalytic Materials」  outline
「Functional Geomaterials」 outline
「Advanced Functional Mesoporous Materials」   outline
「Poison-tolerant Intermetallic Catalysts 」 outline
「Theoretical Design of Environmental Remediation Materials 」 outline