The NATIONAL INSTITUTE for MATERIALS SCIENCE (NIMS) is a research institution specializing in the research of metals, organic and inorganic materials. It is located in Tsukuba in Ibaragi prefecture, 75km north of Tokyo, Japan.

Dr. Mukesh Kumar

Postdoctoral Researcher
Energy and Environmental Material Division
Environmental Remediation Materials Unit
National Institute for Materials Science
1-1 Namiki,Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-0044, Japan
TEL: +81-29-851-3354 or extn. 4065
e-mail: Kumar.Mukesh[at]


Ph.D, Materials Science, Indian Institute of Technology (Delhi, India)

Master of Technology, Materials Science, Bhopal University (Bhopal, India)

Master of Science, Physics, Bhopal University (Bhopal, India)

Bachelor of Science, Physics, Himachal Pradesh University (Shimla, India)

Professional Experience

OCT 2013-present
*Post-Doctoral Researcher, National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) (Tsukuba, Japan)

*Post-Doctoral Fellow, Materials Science and Engineering, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) (Stockholm, Sweden)

Research Interests

Atomistic modeling of materials with the help of first-principles density functional theory for future clean energy technologies. Band gap engineering, defect physics.

Development of high performance composites/nano-composites. Tribological (friction and wear) analysis of materials. High temperature stable/environment friendly friction materials for automotive.


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