NIMS Microstructural Characterization Platform
for advanced nanomaterials, office
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The Nanotechnology Platform Program was started in fiscal year 2012 as a ten-year project commissioned by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), Japan. The mission is to establish the comprehensive nationwide networks providing advanced facilities and research know-how for nanotechnology. The program comprises three areas of nanotechnology: nano-characterization, nano-fabrication, and materials synthesis. In the first area, the Advanced Characterization Nanotechnology Platform composed with 11 Japanese organizations, with NIMS playing the leading role. By establishing a network for share-us of advanced facilities, we contribute to innovation by solving scientific and technical problems and provide state-of-the-art technologies to researchers working for industry, universities and the government. We aggressively promote collaboration among different fields and fusing research in response to industrial needs.
The NIMS Microstructural Characterization Platform is located in 3 sites (Sakura, Sengen and Namiki) in Tsukuba City. We provides researchers and engineers with advanced analysis facilities combined with the latest technology. Using electron microscopes (TEM, STEM and SEM) we study the surface and bulk properties of various materials. We complement those analyses with helium ion microscopy, SIMS imaging, low-temperature high-magnetic-field STM, advanced SPM, TOF-SIMS imaging, and high-magnetic-field solid-state NMR. We promote exchange and cooperation with the industry to support the technology-oriented Japan in nanotechnology and materials research.

Dr. Miyoko Tanaka Director, NIMS Microstructural Characterization Platform


Objectives and roles of the NIMS Microstructural Characterization Platform

- a platform providing top-level characterization of advanced nanomaterials -

  • Improving competitiveness
  • Human exchange and talent upbringing
  • Breakthrough discoveries
  • Promotion of innovation and fusion