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Questions about Application

Q1: How do I register as a user? Please teach me about an application.

A1: Please feel free to contact the office (see below) and let us know the service mode you wish. In case of a new user, you are requested to get a preliminary consultation before making the application. We'll contact you by return. (NMCP Office E-mail: nmcp [at] (Replace [at] by @)

Q2: Can multiple users request with same program title?

A2: In case of "Group Training" & "Technical surrogate", a representative shall submit an application and fill the name of the all participants in the remarks without fail. Regarding "Common use", each user shall submit the application in order to identify the equipment operators.

Q3: Can one application cover different service mode (ex. TEM and TOF-SIMS)?

A3: If you wish different service mode, you are requested to make applications for each mode. While, regarding a slightly different program, but in a same service mode, please bring together all under one application. (A completely different program needs a different application.) If you plan to try multiple programs, please let us know on preliminary consultation.

Q4: Are “Competitive challenge program” and “young researchers” reflected in something?

A4: Yes. These are the adoptable items on a priority basis, therefore they can be added the point by the review committee on program examination.

Q5: Is Collaborative study available?

A5: Yes. You need to sign a contract with NIMS before starting a Collaborative study. In case of a Publishing project (= the research results must be published), the usage fee is decided by nanotechnology platform. (Any questions about fee, etc., please ask to your assistant of the registered equipment.) The program review by the committee will decide whether or not your study should be treated as a certified program of nanotechnology platform. Regarding Non-publishing project, a procedural requirement is needed because it's treated as a self-sponsored project authorized by NIMS and the fee is decided by the guideline in NIMS.

Q6: I'm an existing user. Do I need to resubmit my application for the next year use?

A6: Yes, you do. If you wish a continued use over the next fiscal year, you are kindly requested to resubmit your application with a new program. In that case, you may use the same program title with the same content of the previous year. If you recognized a slight progress, you had better update the program title and the contents in order to emphasize the progress in the review by the committee. And also, if you need to update your personal information (affiliation, etc.), please contact the office.

Q7: Regarding “Common use” & “Technical surrogate”, can one application cover the both requests?

A7: When you wish the both services (Common use and Technical surrogate) at the same time but with the different program, two applications are required for each. In such a case, please kindly contact the office.

Q8: Should a person in charge be a supervisor of the organization I belong to?

A8: Basically, a user can judge it based upon decisions of his/her organization. If you can take responsibility for a safety control on behalf of your supervisor or if you are a researcher in age-limit system and also you are accountable for the program, in those cases, you can be a person in charge.

Questions about usage fee & payments

Q1: Please let me know about a billing of a usage fee.

A1: You can decide payments method when making an application. On payments methods, you can choose either advanced payment (an estimated cost base) or deferred payment (an actual cost base). The invoice will be sent to the address you registered when making for an application.

Q2: I want know how to update the billing timing or the address of the invoice.

A2: Please call us or send e-mail. (Phone: 029-859-2310, E-mail: nmcp [at] (Replace [at] to @)

Q3: Can I pay my usage fee for Nanotechnology platrorm facility use by a subsidy for science research cost?

A3: Please kindly ask to your office in your own organization. NIMS can’t advise about this.

Q4: Please tell me about a payment due date.

A4: The due date is the last day of the following month of the billing month. You can see the note of “payments due date” in the invoice. If your bank transfer will not be in time for the payment due date, please contact us.

Q5: I need a quotation. Is it available?

A5: We have no written document named “Quotation”, but we can prepare a similar document. But, please kindly note that no “corporate seal” (sha-in) is available. In case you wish operating reports, we can support as needed.

Questions about user’s report

Q1: Is User's report mandatory?

A1: Yes. But, in case you have a particular reason (such as, submission of paper, preparation for conference presentation, or patent application etc.), maximum two years of extension is adoptable. In such cases, please contact us. When your program can be disclosed, please send your user's report to the office.

Q2: Will every user's reports be published?

A2: Every copies of user's report will be archived in National Diet Library with the implementation results report for MEXT. Also, a summary of user's report (PDF version) will be disclosed on the web with password restrictions: Copying, editing and printing are inhibited. Only who submitted the view application is allowed to access the reports on the web. (Please visit “ACNP” HP, menu button name "Reports")

Q3: Can we use the nanoplat facility and service without publishing the results?

A3: A project type change (a project with publication of the results --> a self-sponsored project) is available.
The change is acceptable in the middle of fiscal year, but a new contract with NIMS is needed. (Non-disclosure agreement, fee, etc.). The fee after the change will be set based upon the rule of NIMS. Regarding to user’s report submission, if you change your project type in middle of year, the report about “a project with publication of the results” must be submitted, but no reports are required about “self-sponsored project”.