Invited Speakers

Invited Lecture (1)13:40~14:20(40 min.)

Prof.Ingo Steinbach
Chair of Scalebridging Thermodynamic and Kinetic Simulation
Ruhr-Universitat Bochum, Germany
Atomistically Informed Full-field Simulation of Tempered Martensite: Quenching, Tempering and Mechanical Characterization

Invited Lecture (2)14:20~15:00(40 min.)

Dr.Esteban Busso
Scientific Directorate, ONERA-National Aerospace Research Centre, France
Current and Future Structural and Material Challenges in the Aeronautical Industry

Invited Lecture (3)15:30~16:10(40 min.)

Prof.Tadashi Furuhara
Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University, Japan
Light Element Strategy in Advanced High Strength Steels

Invited Lecture (4)16:10~16:50(40 min.)

Prof.Toshihiko Koseki
Executive Vice President, The University of Tokyo, Japan
Materials Integration System for Designing Advanced Materials