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Characterization (A1 - E20)
ID Presentation Title Name Affiliation
A1 Analysis of nanoindentation pile-up effect in TiMo alloy Jovana Ruzic NIMS
A2 Incipient plastic deformation in indentation behavior of magnesium Shinnosuke Hidaka Shinshu University
A3 Characterization of microscale heterogeneity in mechanical properties with nano indentation and finite element analysis Kenta Goto NIMS
A4 Mechanical behavior of individual austenite grains in quenched-tempered steel Tinghui Man NIMS
B5 Informatics-aided confocal raman microscopy for 3D stress characterization Hongxin Wang NIMS
B6 High temperature Tribo-Tester Akira Kasahara NIMS
B7 Assessment of irradiation-damage induced by FIB milling by Electron Channeling Contrast Imaging (ECCI) Ivan Gutierrez NIMS
B8 Precision quantitative microanalysis of boron in steel using laser ablation ICP-MS Susumu Meguro NIMS
C9 High-temperature deformation mechanism of coarse-grained Ti3Al intermetallic compound fabricated by spark plasma sintering Takahiro Fukui National Institute of Technology, Kagawa College
C10 Solid solution hardening and precipitation hardening of near-α Titanium alloys Kei Shimagami NIMS
C11 The effect of training for TiPd-(Zr, V) alloys Hirotaka Sato Shibaura Institute of Technology
C12 Mechanical properties and deformation mechanisms in a Ti-Nb-Fe-Al alloy Tatsuya Suzuki University of Tsukuba
D13 Continuous and discontinuous yielding behaviors in ferrite-cementite steels Yanxu Wang NIMS
D14 Transmission electron microscopy in-situ straining in ultrafine-grained interstitial-free steel Hongxing LI NIMS
D15 Development of corrosion resistant steel in concrete Toshiyasu Nishimura NIMS
D16 Low-cycle fatigue proparties of Fe-30Mn-4Si-2Al alloy Nobuo Nagashima NIMS
E17 Investigation of new thermal barrier coatings in hot corrosion environments Shuto Tsukada Graduate school of Engineering and Science, Shibaura Institute of Technology
E18 Effect of phase stability on tensile properties in Co-20Cr-10Mo-xNi alloys Wataru Tasaki NIMS
E19 Toward development of heat-treatable lightweight magnesium sheet alloys with excellent room temperature formability Ming-Zhe Bian NIMS
E20 Consecutive impact loading and preloading effect on stiffness of woven synthetic-fiber rope Vannei Sry Tokyo Institute of Technology
Design & Modeling (F21 - J41)
ID Presentation Title Name Affiliation
F21 First-principles calculation of tetragonality and atomic interaction in Fe-C systems Hideyuki Ohtsuka NIMS
F22 First principles calculation of the screw dislocation in binary iron alloys Masato Wakeda NIMS
F23 First-principles study on the structural and electronic properties of long-period stacking ordered (LPSO) structure of Fe Takao Tsumuraya NIMS
F24 Is it possible to develop an insulating steel? Takahiro Sawaguchi NIMS
G25 Nano indentation test around ferrite-martensite interface in dual phase steels Reon Ando Tottori University
G26 Finite element analysis of self-healing ceramics Joji Yamamoto Yokohama National University
G27 Finite element analysis of fracture statistics in ceramics: scatter of strength induced by flaw distribution Kyohei Takeo Yokohama National University
G28 Maximization of strengthening effect of microscopic morphology in duplex metals Ikumu Watanabe NIMS
H29 Prediction of microstructural change after 10 years by system free energy method Yoshiaki Toda NIMS
H30 Phase equilibria with χ phase in the Fe-Cr-Ti ternary system Daichi Nakayama Nagoya university
H31 Phase equilibria and behavior of Oxygen in the Nd-based systems Taichi Abe NIMS
H32 Simulation of cyclic phase transformation in Fe-C-Mn-Si alloy using non-equilibrium multi-phase-field model coupled with CALPHAD database Masahito Segawa ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation (CTC)
H33 Descriptions of the thermal vacancies in the CALPHAD method Taichi Abe NIMS
I34 Molecular dynamics study on γ precipitation strengthening mechanism in γ’ phase of Ni-based intermetallics Hiromi Kondo University of Tsukuba
I35 Hybrid solid phase bonding of cupper and aluminium sheets by cold forging Takayuki Yamada Nagoya University
I36 A simulation model for the magnetic Barkhausen noise under different applied mechanical stress Zhi Wang Beijing University of Technology
I37 Prediction of weld residual stress distribution by adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system Houichi Kitano NIMS
J38 Parameter estimation for phase-field models using data assimilation based on the ensemble kalman filter Kengo Sasaki Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
J39 Creep rupture time prediction by damage analysis in 9Cr-1Mo-V-Nb steel weldment Kozo Koiwa NIMS
J40 Bio-inspired design for self-healing ceramics: Towards a MI system Toshio Osada NIMS
Microstructures (K42 - S78)
ID Presentation Title Name Affiliation
K42 Twin in lath martensite in a water quenched Fe-0.05 alloy Xuan Liu School of Materials Science and Engineering, Dalian Jiaotong University
K43 Micromechanical properties of corrosion products studied by nanoindentation technique Baozhen Jiang NIMS
K44 Effect of hydrogen on the mechanical properties of pure Fe with ultrafine-grain Hirokazu Sato Department of Mechanical Engineering, Toyohashi University of Technology(TUT)
K45 Resistance to temper softening of microalloyed low carbon steels Yongjie Zhang Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University
L46 A study of interactions between dislocations and grain boundary investigated by nanoindentation and TEM Ya Ling Chang NIMS
L47 A simple method for observing the ω-Fe electron diffraction spots in twinned Fe-C martensite Dehai Ping NIMS
L48 Experimental determination of phase equilibria related to iron silicides in the Fe-Si binary system Ikuo Ohnuma NIMS
L49 Effect of phase strength on tensile behavior of ferrite-martensite dual phase steels with nano-precipitation Elango Chandiran Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University
L50 TEM characterization and electron diffraction analysis of martensite in quenched high carbon steels. Tianwei Liu NIMS
M51 Improved low cycle fatigue resistance of the alloys showing strain-induced ε-martensitic transformation Ilya Nikulin NIMS
M52 Influence of V-addition on low-cycle fatigue crack initiation and propagation in DP steel Akihiro Kaseya Yokohama National University
M53 Initiation of stress corrosion cracking in welded stainless steel under proton irradiation Yoshiharu Murase NIMS
M54 Analysis on the mechanism of strength-ductility enhancement by Mn in 0.1C-2Si-5%Mn fresh martensite steel with synchrotron radiation Akihiro Maeda University of Hyogo
M55 Formation mechanism of ultrafine grained microstructure in SUS316 stainless steel by warm rolling and annealing Shun Furukane University of Hyogo
N56 Microstructure and mechanical properties of CrMnFeCoNi high-entropy alloys with low stacking fault energy Jein Lee NIMS
N57 Microstructure evolution in CoCrFeMnNi high-entropy alloy by shear localization Ryohei Serada Kobe University
N58 Effect of high-pressure torsion deformation on mechanical properties in Al0.3CrFeCoNi high entropy alloys Koichi Tsuchiya NIMS
O59 Microstructure evolution in Al-Mg-Si alloys by high-speed shear deformation at elevated temperatures Kuon Minami Kobe University
O60 Phase separation and ordering of Zn/Y atoms in fcc-SF in LPSO-forming Mg-Zn-Y alloy Mariko Egami NIMS
O61 Microstructure evolution and interfacial segregation in a Mg-Zn-Y alloy on processing by high pressure torsion Alok Singh NIMS
O62 Mechanical and functional properties of Mg-Sc alloy Yukiko Ogawa NIMS
P63 Deformation twinning in α″ martensite in Ti-7.5Mo (wt.%) alloy Xin JI NIMS
P64 Microstructure evolution and mechanical properties of Ti17 alloys forged by different temperature Yoko Yamabe-Mitarai NIMS
P65 Improvement of Mechanical Property in Ti Alloys Using Heterogeneous Distribution of Alloying Elements Satoshi Emura NIMS
P66 Control of phase decomposition by nanogrooving process in Ti-39 at.% Al single crystals Daixiu wei Tohoku University
Q67 Experimental and theoretical studies of the role of W on the thermal stability of NiTiWx thin films Aslan Ahadi NIMS
Q68 Effect of hot forging condition on dynamic recrystallization microstructure in Alloy 720Li Kouhei Sakurai Tohoku University
Q69 Microstructural analysis of high performance Ni-Fe-based alloys for A-USC applications Fei Sun NIMS
Q70 Concurrent solid-state amorphization and structural rejuvenation in Zr-Cu-Al alloy by high-pressure torsion Jian Qiang NIMS
R71 Tribological property of ion beam sputtered coatings with different coating thickness Naoya Hyodo Toyohashi University of Technology
R72 Influence of high-density lattice defects on physisorbed film formation Kazuki Tonotsuka Toyohashi University of Technology
R73 Facile preparation of bio-inspired superhydrophobic surface with ZnO tetrapods Yoshihiro Yamauchi NIMS
R74 A crucial driving force for the spallation of thermal barrier coatings: Chemistry dependent phase transformation of the bond coat Liberty Tse Shu Wu NIMS
S75 Effects of Fly Ash and Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag on Composition of C-S-H in Cement Paste Hai Yen Thi Nguyen NIMS
S76 Effect of metal site occupancy in the stability of Cr23-xFexC6 (x=0-23) carbide phases Maaouia Souissi NIMS
S77 Investigation on the dynamic recrystallization of superalloy 718 Jingjing Ruan Tohoku University
S78 Ductile polymer glass made of thermoplastic polyrotaxane derivatives Kazuaki Kato NIMS
Others (T79 - T83)
ID Presentation Title Name Affiliation
T79 Applications of machine learning to electron beam diffraction analysis Fumihiko Uesugi NIMS
T80 Improvement of adhesive strength and ductility of epoxy resin modified with polyrotaxane Sirawit Pruksawan NIMS
T81 Single-phase interdiffusion in Ni3V Daisuke Inoue Department of Material Science, Osaka Prefecture University
T82 ZnO lubricative solid coatings for ball bearing system Masahiro Tosa NIMS
T83 Numerical simulation to analyze ultrasonic waves in CFRP having concentric fibers Takeshi Ashizawa Tokyo Institute of Technology
Process (U84 - 91)
ID Presentation Title Name Affiliation
U84 Effect of cold equal channel angular extrusion and annealing on mechanical properties of SUS304 Daichi Miyamoto Tokyo Denki University
U85 measurement of mechanical properties and formability for hot stamping of AA7075 Kenji Matsumoto Tokyo Denki University
U86 Combined effect of ausforming and warm tempforming on the mechanical properties of a medium-carbon low-alloy steel Yuuji Kimura NIMS
U87 Temperature measurement and characteristic evaluation of Ti-6Al-4V in the selective laser melting process Shiho Miyazaki Shibaura institute of technology
V88 Influence f electric current on high temperature flow behavior of 8Y2O3-ZrO2 Koji Morita NIMS
V89 Fabrication and mechanical properties of textured Ti3SiC2 MAX phase Yuichi Uchida NIMS
V90 Interface-controlled carbon fibers Kimiyoshi Naito NIMS
V91 Flash-freezing nanocrystallization as a fabrication method of mesoporous polymers Sadaki Samitsu NIMS
Reliability (W92 - Y100)
ID Presentation Title Name Affiliation
W92 Enhancement of steel corrosion in reinforced concrete by hyperbaric-oxygen accelerated corrosion test Kotaro Doi NIMS
W93 Development of various calcium phosphate coatings for biodegradable Mg alloys Sachiko Hiromoto NIMS
W94 Effect of polyethylene glycol coating on the corrosion behavior of WE43 Mg alloy Agata Patrycja Roguska NIMS
X95 Thermo-remendable cross-linked polymers for removable / reusable adhesive Sandip Das NIMS
X96 Mussel-mimetic design for safer adhesive joints Debabrata Payra NIMS
X97 Bio-inspired Under-water Adhesive for Infrastructure maintenance Masanobu Naito NIMS
Y98 Effects of mean stress on fatigue properties of novel carbon/glass fiber hybrid rod Hiroyuki Oguma NIMS
Y99 Mid-infrared laser ultrasonic testing for polymer composites Masahiro Kusano NIMS
Y100 Off-axis estimation of lay-up orientation in lamianted composites using eddy current testing Xiaojuan Xu Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

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