10 Winners of Poster Award
<P003> Ms. Youn Soo Kim, The University of Tokyo
"Anomalous Anisotropic Thermoresponse of NIPAM-based Hydrogels Doped with Uniformly Aligned Inorganic Nanosheets"
<P016> Dr. Yoshifumi Amamoto, The University of Tokyo
"Self-Healing Polymers Based on Photo-Induced Radical Reshuffling Reactions"
<P046> Dr. Eijiro Miyako, AIST
"Functional Nanocarbon Composites for Nanobiotechnology"
<P052> Dr. Yohei Kotsuchibashi, NIMS
"Design of Multi-Functional (Ethylene Glycol)-Based Nanoparticles"
<P076> Mr. Mitsuaki Yamauchi, Chiba University
"Control over Self-Assembly Pathway through Photoreaction of Stilbene Supramolecular Building Blocks"
<P087> Dr. Hironobu Hayashi, University of Geneva
"Multicomponent Surface Architecture by Self-Organizing Surface Initiated Polymerization and Templated Stack Exchange Strategies"
<P119> Ms. Hitomi Sugiyama, Yokohama National University
"Control of thermosensitivity of gel-immobilized tunable colloidal photonic crystals"
<P125> Dr. Rakesh Kumar Pandey, NIMS
"Proton Conductivity of Mo-based Metallo-Supramolecular Polymers Films"
<P137> Mr. Masahiko Saito, RIKEN
"Thiazolothiazole-Based Semiconducting Copolymers: Improvement of Photovoltaic Performances Through Control of Polymer Orientation"
<P142> Dr. Keigo Kinoshita, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science andTechnology(JAMSTEC)
"Nanoemulsion Formation via Bottom-up Approach using Supercritical Water"

Call for Papers for Poster Session
Abstract Submission for Poster Session was closed.

Poster session and Poster Award Ceremony will be held on the second day of the conference.
Date: Evening, July 2, Wednesday
Place: Multi Purpose Hall (1F), Tsukuba International Congress Center

Presentation Category:
1. Macromolecular & Soft Materials-
2. Advanced Biomaterials
3. Advanced Organic Materials
4. Advanced Soft-photonic Materials
5. Soft-electronic and Ionic Materials


Please prepare your poster within the size of 90cm wide and 210cm height.
Please display your poster from 9:00 am to the noon on July 2nd. (On July 1st, posters cannot be displayed.)

===Poster Session=======================
-- Date: 17:30-19:30, July 2nd, 2014.
-- Place: Multi Purpose Hall (1F)

After the poster session, please remove your poster by the noon on July 3rd.

Language: English
Poster presentation awards will be given to the most eminent young presenters age under 35.
The authors of accepted abstract will be notified by email.
Poster Presentation List and other detailed infromation will be updated
on this website.