10 Winners of Poster Award

[P1-04] Ms. Yuri Tanaka
Kyushu University
"TEM Studies of Disorder-Order Transformation in Fe45Pd55 Alloy under Magnetic Field"

[P1-13] Dr. Duancheng Ma
Max-Planck Institut fur Eisenforschung GmbH
"Ab-initio Investigations of Solid Solution Strengthening in Aluminum Alloys: Dependence on Strengthening
Parameters and Design Limit"

[P2-08] Mr. Takeru Mori
Chiba Institute of Technology / NIMS
"Process dependence of bond coat for oxidation resistance in the TBC system"

[P2-11] Mr. Kazuki Kasai
Shibaura Institute of Technology
"Effect of Thermal History on Microstructural Changes in Aluminized Nickel Based Single Crystal Superalloy"

[P3-01] Mr. Kyohei Tashima
Kumamoto University
"Observation of Local Plastic Deformation in the Vicinity of Grain Boundary Using Nano-indentation Technique"

[P3-03] Mr. Katsuya Nakano
University of Tsukuba
"Analysis of the Initiation of Plastic Deformation in Fe-C Alloys"

[P3-21] Mr. Tiantian Li
University of Tsukuba
"Nanostructure Formation and Disordering in Fe2VAl Heusler Compound"

[P3-14] Dr. Arockiakumar Raju
"Thermo-mechanical Behavior of ECAE Processed Ti-34Nb-0.14O Shape Memory Alloy"

[P3-34] Mr. Hideaki Iwami
Osaka Prefecture University
"Influence of Solute Atoms on Minimum Grain Size after Friction Stir Processing in Hiigh-purity Al"

[P3-46] Mr. Hitoshi Kuriki
The University of Tokyo
"Laser AE Monitoring and Thermal Stress Analysis during Plasma Spraying of Thermal Barrier Coatings"

Call for Papers for Poster Session

Abstract submission for poster presentation was closed.

Poster session will be held on the second day of the conference.

Poster Session:
Date: 5:30pm~8:00pm, June 5, Tuesday   *5:30pm~6:30pm Poster reviewing by awarding committee
Place: Multi Purpose Hall (1F)

1. Advanced Microstructural Characterization and Modeling
2. Materials for Harsh Environment
3. Physical Metallurgy and Materials Reliability for Robust Infrastructures

Poster Presentation List:
[NIMS Conference 2012] Poster Presentation List (2012.5.29).pdf: 168kb

Poster Award Ceremony:
Date: 4:40pm~4:55pm, June 6, Wednesday
Place: Convention Hall 300 (3F)

Important Notice:

- Please see the Poster Presentation List and check your poster number.
- Poster panel will be allocated to each number.  Please find your number and put your poster before the session.
- Posters must be written in English.
- Size of each panel is 90cm (width) x 210cm (height).
- Pushpins will be provided to each presenter on site.
- The Best Poster Award will be given to the most eminent young presenters aged under 35.
- The first 60 minutes of the session are assigned for reviewing poster by awarding committee.
  The presenters who are eligible for the award are encouraged to stay beside their posters.
- Posters can be posted in the Multi-Purpose Hall from 1:00pm on Monday, June 4th and 
        must be removed by 4:00pm on Wednesday, June 6th .

If you have any inquiries, please contact: nims_conference@nims.go.jp

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