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  Group introduction
Group Leader’s Greeting
統括マネージャー 花方信孝
Group Leader
With Nano-Bio and Chemistry Facility (NBCF), we seek to provide a research environment in which activities from basic research on Nano-Biotechnology to creation of innovative technologies that benefit society and industry can be carried out, by primarily providing research support in the area of fusion between biotechnology and nanotechnology.
In Nano-Biotechnology, there is the “Exploiting nanotech for biology” domain, in which micro- and nano-devices are created using a top-down approach.
There is also the “Exploiting biology for nanotech” domain, which uses a bottom-up approach to create nano-systems by taking advantage of the elucidation of the complex energy conversion, information transmission, and locomotive systems of cells and organisms. To advance such integrative research domains and permeate them into society as useful technologies, it is necessary to build a cohesive R&D structure spanning basic and applied research.

NBCF comprises the following five areas: organic molecule preparation, cell cultivation, bio-imaging, organic and macromolecular materials synthesis, and instrumental analysis. We would like this place to be used as a site where the various elemental technologies needed to advance research that integrates biotechnology and nanotechnology are united, and where exchange of ideas between researchers from different fields and between researchers from industry, academia, and Independent Administrative Institutions take place.
Outline of Facilities
Cell culture area
Bio-imaging lab
Cell culture area
Bio-imaging lab
Instrumental analysis area
NMR room
Instrumental analysis area
NMR room
Clean room for cell culture
Transgenesis experiments (P2) are permitted.
Bio-imaging lab is managed with Leica Microsystems.
Many analytical instruments for materials
Main instruments
Confocal laser scanning microscope
Laser microdissection system
NMR (600MHz)
Group Leader
Nobutaka HANAGATA, Dr.
Senior Engineer
Takashi MINOWA, Dr.
Post Doctoral & Technical Staff
NIMS Postdoctoral Researcher
LI Xianglan, Dr.
Contract Technical Staff
Contract Technical Staff
LI Jie, Dr.