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Fundamental study of chemical-electric energy conversion including novel batteries, and fuel cell catalyst, and genetically-engineered microbial electrode catalysts. In situ determination of geometric, electronic and molecular structures at solid/liquid and solid/bio interfaces and electron transfer dynamics by ultra fast laser spectroscopy.

New Topics Archives

A.Okamoto and Deng published a new video article in JoVE.
24, July 2018
Zhang and A.Okamoto published a review in Microbial Biotechnology.
16, July 2018
A.Okamoto published a review in Bioindustry.
12, July 2018
Deng and A.Okamoto published a review in Extremophiles.
Y. Tokunou published a new video article in JoVE.
16, April 2018
Deng's work was featured on FOCUS of "Newton"(May 2018).
26, March 2018
A.Okamoto published a new paper in American Society for Microbiology, mBio (Open Access).
27, February 2018
A.Okamoto was featured in "EMIRA".
7, February 2018
Deng published a new paper in Science Advances (Open Access).
NHK (Japanese public broadcaster) reported this work as news twice on Saturday.
16, February 2018
Okamoto group was featured in Asahi newspaper for the discovery of microbial fermentation coupled with power generation.
26, January 2018
A. Okamoto gave Invited talk in IGER International Symposium on Cell Surface Structures and Functions 2017 (at Nagoya University).
30, November 2017
Application for NIMS Graduate Research Assistantship
(April 2018 admission) is now open.
21, August 2017
A.Okamoto was featured on a TV program "Mirai no kigen".
TBS at 29th Oct.23:09~23:15, BS-TBS at 5th Nov.20:54~21:00.
29, October 2017

Y. Tokunou received a Student Oral Presentation Award on The 55th annual meeting of the biophysical society of Japan held at Kumamoto University, Kumamoto, Japan
September 2017
Yang Shuo received an Oral presentation award for young researcher of the 68th Colloid and Interface meeting held at Kobe University on 6th - 8th
September 2017
Xiao Deng received a Poster Prize on Biochemical society focused meeting, Extracellular Electron Transfer: Mechanisms and Opportunities held at University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK
5, August 2017
J. Saito published a new paper in Electrochemistry (Open Access)
July 2017
2 Newspaper posting on NikkanKogyoShinbun (17th July) and KagakuKougyoNippou (19th July)
26, June 2017
Y. Tokunou received a Oral Award on Interdisciplinary Symposium for Up-and-coming Material Scientists (ISUMS) held at Osaka, Japan
June 2017
Y. Tokunou published a new paper in Angew Chem Int Ed (Open Access)
April 2017
"Ohana-mi" party was held in NIMS.
12, April 2017
Hokkaido Univ.-NIMS joint symposium was held in Hokkaido Univ.
21, April 2017