Publication 2023

Publication 2023

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Magnetic Materials / Spintronic Materials / Spin Caloritronics / Nanostructure Analysis

Magnetic Materials:

  1. Control of grain density by varying lattice mismatch in FePt-C film for heat assisted magnetic recording
    I. Suzuki, H. Sepehri-Amin, K. Hono, Y.k. Takahashi, J. Alloys Compd. 968, 172196 (2023).

  2. Exploring secondary phases in the Sm-Fe-V system beneficial for coercivity
    P. Tozman, H. Sepehri-Amin, T. Abe, K. Hono, Y.K. Takahashi, Acta Mater. 258, 119197 (2023).

  3. Microstructure evolution in FePt-Cr2O3 granular thin films
    I. Suzuki, T. Abe, H. Sepehri-Amin, K. Hono, Y.K. Takahashi, J. Magn. Magn. Mater. 579, 170874 (2023).

  4. Thermal Modulation of Magnetization Dynamics in Nanometer-Thick L10-FePt Nanogranular and Continuous Films for High-Density Magnetic Recording Media
    Y. Sasaki, I. Suzuki, R. Mandal, S. Kasai, and Y.K. Takahashi, ACS Appl. Nano Mater. 6, 5901–5908 (2023).

  5. Observation of demagnetization field within thin-foil Nd-Fe-B magnet by electron holography
    S. Lee, A. Sato, T. Tamaoka, K. Yubuta, M. Auchi, T.T. Sasaki, T. Ohkubo, K. Hono, Y. Murakami, Microscopy 72, 343–352 (2023).

  6. Substantial coercivity enhancement in Dy-free Nd-Fe-B sintered magnet by Dy grain boundary diffusion
    Z. Wang, T.T. Sasaki, Y. Une, T. Ohkubo, K. Hono, Acta Mater. 248, 118774 (2023).

  7. High-resistivity anisotropic hot-deformed Nd-Fe-B magnets prepared from DyF3 electrophoretic deposited powders
    Z.H. Kautsar, H. Sepehri-Amin, X. Tang, R. Iguchi, K. Uchida, T. Ohkubo, K. Hono, J. Alloys Compd. 942, 168855 (2023).

  8. Grain density control in FePt granular films for heat-assisted magnetic recording media
    I. Suzuki and Y.K. Takahashi, Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 62, SB0801 (2023).

Spintronic Materials:

  1. Boron-induced magneto-optical Kerr spectra and dielectric tensors in ferrimagnetic (Mn4N)B antiperovskite thin films
    H. Sakaguchi, S. Isogami, M. Niimi, T. Ishibashi, J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys 56, 365002 (2023).

  2. Introduction of VN underlayer and caplayer for preparation of Mn4N(001) single-crystal thin film with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy
    K. Imamura, M. Ohtake, S. Isogami, M. Futamoto, T. Kawai, F. Kirino, N. Inaba, AIP Adv. 13, 025110 (2023).

  3. Carbon-induced magnetic properties and anomalous Hall effect in Co2Mn2C thin films with L10 -like structures
    S. Isogami, Y. Kota, H. Yasufuku, K. Oyoshi, M. Tanaka, Y.K. Takahashi, Phys. Rev. Materials 7, 014411 (2023).

  4. Antiperovskite Magnetic Materials with 2p Light Elements for Future Practical Applications
    S. Isogami and Y.K. Takahashi, Adv. Electronic Mater. 9, 2200515 (2023).

  5. Antiferromagnetic films and their applications
    A. Hirohata, D.C. Lloyd, T. Kubota, T. Seki, K. Takanashi, H. Sukegawa, Z. Wen, S. Mitani and H. Koizumi, IEEE Access 11, 117443 (2023).

  6. Role of on-site Coulomb interactions in the half-metallic Weyl ferromagnet candidate thin-film Co2FeSi
    K. Sumida, Y. Fujita, W. Zhou, K. Masuda, I. Kawasaki, S. Fujimori, A. Kimura, and Y. Sakuraba, Phys. Rev. B 108, L241101 (2023).

  7. Cubic-type Heusler compound Mn2FeGa thin film with strain-induced large perpendicular magnetic anisotropy
    P.D. Bentley, S. Li, K. Masuda, Y. Miura, Y. Du, T. Mitsui, K. Fujiwara, Y. Kobayashi, T. Guo, G. Yu, C. Suzuki, S. Yamamoto, F. Zheng, Y. Sakuraba, and S. Sakai, Phys. Rev. Materials 7, 064404 (2023).

  8. Combinatorial optimization for high spin polarization in Heusler alloy composition-spread thin films by anisotropic magnetoresistance effect
    R. Toyama, V. K. Kushwaha, T. T. Sasaki, Y. Iwasaki, T. Nakatani, and Y. Sakuraba, APL Mater. 11, 101127 (2023).

  9. Ultrafast spin-to-charge conversion in antiferromagnetic (111)-oriented L12-Mn3Ir
    H. Mao, Y. Sasaki, Y. Kobayashi, S. Isogami, T. Ono, T. Moriyama, Y.K. Takahashi, K.T. Yamada, Appl. Phys. Lett. 123, 212401 (2023).

  10. Detailed and high-throughput measurement of composition dependence of magnetoresistance and spin–transfer torque using a composition-gradient film: application to CoxFe1-x (0 ≤ x ≤ 1) system
    V. Barwal, H. Suto, T. Taniguchi, and Y. Sakuraba, Sci. Tech. Adv. Mater. 3, 2286944 (2023).

  11. Large voltage-controlled magnetic anisotropy effect in magnetic tunnel junctions prepared by deposition at cryogenic temperatures
    T. Nozaki, T. Ichinose, J. Uzuhashi, T. Yamamoto, M. Konoto, K. Yakushiji, T. Ohkubo, and S. Yuasa, APL Mater. 11, 121106 (2023).

  12. Oxide layer dependent orbital torque efficiency in ferromagnet/Cu/oxide heterostructures
    J. Kim, J. Uzuhashi, M. Horio, T. Senoo, D. Go, D. Jo, T. Sumi, T. Wada, I. Matsuda, T. Ohkubo, S. Mitani, H. Lee, and Y. Otani, Phys. Rev. Mater. 7, L111401 (2023).

  13. Spin-torque generation using a compositional gradient at the interface between titanium and tungsten thin films
    H. Nakayama, T. Horaguchi, C. He, H. Sukegawa, T. Ohkubo, S. Mitani, K. Yamanoi and Y. Nozaki, Phys. Rev. B 107, 174416 (2023).

  14. Charge-to-spin conversion in fully epitaxial Ru/Cu hybrid nanolayers with interface control
    J. Song, C. He, T. Scheike, Z. Wen, H. Sukegawa, T. Ohkubo, Y. Nozaki and S. Mitani, Nanotechnology 34, 365704 (2023).

  15. Nano-crystal domains in Co-based fcc(111) epitaxial magnetic junctions and their impact on tunnel magnetoresistance
    C. He, K. Masuda, J. Song, T. Scheike, Z. Wen, Y. Miura, T. Ohkubo, K. Hono, S. Mitani, and H. Sukegawa, Acta Mater. 261, 119394 (2023).

  16. Probability of spin-orbit torque driven magnetization switching assisted by spin-transfer torque
    T. Taniguchi, S. Isogami, S. Okame, K. Nakada, E. Komura, T. Sasaki, S. Mitani and M. Hayashi, Phys. Rev. B 108, 134431 (2023).

  17. Origin of negative anisotropic magnetoresistance effect in Fe0.75Co0.25 single-crystal thin films upon Ir addition
    R. Toyama, S. Kokado, K. Masuda, Z. Li, V. K. Kushwaha, T.T. Sasaki, L.S.R. Kumara, T. Koganezawa, H. Tajiri, T. Yamazaki, M. Kotsugi, Y. Iwasaki, and Y. Sakuraba, Phys. Rev. Materials 7, 084401 (2023).

  18. 631% room temperature tunnel magnetoresistance with large oscillation effect in CoFe/MgO/CoFe(001) junctions
    T. Scheike, Z. Wen, H. Sukegawa, and S. Mitani, Appl. Phys. Lett. 122, 112404 (2023).

  19. Observation of charge-to-spin conversion with giant efficiency at Ni0.8Fe0.2/Bi2WO6 interface
    Saikat Das, S. Sugimoto, V. Kushwaha, Y. Kozuka, S. Kasai, APL Materials 11, 041113 (2023).

  20. Large tunneling magnetoresistance in perpendicularly magnetized magnetic tunnel junctions using Co75Mn25/Mo/Co20Fe60B20 multilayers
    T. Yamamoto, T. Ichinose, J. Uzuhashi, T. Nozaki, T. Ohkubo, K. Yakushiji, S. Tamaru, and S. Yuasa, Phys. Rev. Applied 19, 024020 (2023).

  21. Evaluation of spin-transfer-torque efficiency using magnetization reversal against a magnetic field: comparison of FeCr with negative spin polarization and NiFe
    H. Suto, T. Nakatani, N. Asam, H. Iwasaki and Y. Sakuraba, Appl. Phys. Express 16, 013003 (2023).

  22. Large enhancement of magnetic damping in half-metallic Co2MnSi Heusler alloy thin films with heavy metal Pt layer observed by the all-optical method
    Y. Sasaki, S. Kasai, Y. K. Takahashi, Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 62, SB1003 (2023).

Spin Caloritronics:

  1. Hybrid Transverse Magneto-Thermoelectric Cooling in Artificially Tilted Multilayers
    K. Uchida, T. Hirai, F. Ando, H. Sepehri-Amin, Adv. Energy Mater. , 2302375 (2023).

  2. Polarization transport in ferroelectrics
    G.E.W. Bauer, P. Tang, R. Iguchi, J. Xiao, K. Shen, Z. Zhong, T. Yu, S.M. Rezende, J.P. Heremans, and K. Uchida, Phys. Rev. Applied 20, 050501 (2023).

  3. Observation of the Anisotropic Magneto-Thomson Effect
    R. Modak, T. Hirai, S. Mitani, and K. Uchida, Phys. Rev. Lett. 131, 206701 (2023).

  4. Anomalous Nernst thermoelectric generation in multilayer-laminated coiled magnetic wires
    K. Uchida, T. Kuwabara, T. Tanji, M. Fujimoto, R. Nagasawa, and R. Iguchi, Appl. Phys. Express 16, 093001 (2023).

  5. Large magneto-thermal-switching ratio in superconducting Pb wires
    M. Yoshida, H. Arima, A. Yamashita, K. Uchida, and Y. Mizuguchi, J. Appl. Phys. 134, 065102 (2023).

  6. Elastocaloric effect of shape memory polymers in elastic response regime
    T. Hirai, K. Uto, M. Ebara, and K. Uchida, J. Phys. Energy 5, 034011 (2023).

  7. Direct electrical probing of anomalous Nernst conductivity
    W. Zhou, A. Miura, Y. Sakuraba, and K. Uchida, Phys. Rev. Appl. 19, 064079 (2023).

  8. Designing composition ratio of magnetic alloy multilayer for transverse thermoelectric conversion by Bayesian optimization
    N. Chiba, K. Masuda, K. Uchida, and Y. Miura, APL Machine Learning 1, 026114 (2023).

  9. Comparison of the in-plane coercive field and anomalous Nernst effect between a co-sputtered Sm-Co amorphous film and Sm/Co multilayer amorphous films with various layer thicknesses
    R. Modak, W. Zhou, Y. Sakuraba, and K. Uchida, Appl. Phys. Express 16, 053003 (2023).

  10. Temperature profile of the Thomson-effect-induced heat release/absorption in junctionless single conductors
    T. Chiba, R. Iguchi, T. Komine, Y. Hasegawa, and K. Uchida, Jpn. J. Appl. Phys 62, 037001 (2023).

  11. Magnetization switching process by dual spin-orbit torque in interlayer exchange-coupled systems
    H. Masuda, Y. Yamane, T. Seki, K. Raab, T. Dohi, R. Modak, K. Uchida, J. Ieda, M. Klaui, and K. Takanashi, Appl. Phys. Lett. 122, 162402 (2023).

  12. Highly sensitive lock-in thermoreflectance temperature measurement using thermochromic liquid crystal
    A. Takahagi, R. Iguchi, H. Nagano, and K. Uchida, Appl. Phys. Lett. 122, 172401 (2023).

  13. Magneto-thermal-switching properties of superconducting Nd
    M. Yoshida, M. R. Kasem, A. Yamashita, K. Uchida, and Y. Mizuguchi, Appl. Phys. Express 16, 033002 (2023).

  14. Nonlocal drag thermoelectricity generated by ferroelectric van der Waals heterostructures
    P. Tang, K. Uchida, and G. E. W. Bauer, Phys. Rev. B 107, L121406 (2023).

  15. Direct measurement of electrocaloric effect based on multi-harmonic lock-in thermography
    R. Iguchi, D. Fukuda, J. Kano, T. Teranishi, and K. Uchida, Appl. Phys. Lett. 122, 082903 (2023).

  16. Seebeck-driven transverse thermoelectric generation in magnetic hybrid bulk materials
    W. Zhou, A. Miura, T. Hirai, Y. Sakuraba, and K. Uchida, Appl. Phys. Lett. 122, 062402 (2023).

  17. Electric field–dependent phonon spectrum and heat conduction in ferroelectrics
    B.L. Wooten, R. Iguchi, P. Tang, J.S. Kang, K. Uchida, G.E.W. Bauer, and J.P. Heremans, Sci. Adv. 9, eadd7194 (2023).

Nanostructure Analysis:

(Methods or other materials except for magnetic and spintronic materials)
  1. Microstructure control of Ti-based conversion coatings for optimizing organic coating properties in A6063 and A3003 alloys
    N. Banjo, T.T. Sasaki, K. Hono, Surf. Coat. Technol. 468, 129735 (2023).

  2. Revisited precipitation process in dilute Mg-Ca-Zn alloys
    Z.H. Li, D. Cheng, K. Wang, E.R. Hoglund, J.M. Howe, B.C. Zhou, T.T. Sasaki, T. Ohkubo, K. Hono, Acta Mater. 257, 119072 (2023).

  3. X線・中性子小角散乱法及び3次元アトムプローブ法による Cu-Ni-Si合金中のδNi2Si析出相の解析
    佐々木 宏和, 秋谷 俊太, 三原 邦照, 大場 洋次郎, 大沼 正人, 埋橋 淳, 大久保 忠勝, 銅と銅合金 62, 85-89 (2023).

  4. Effects of aluminum and oxygen additions on quenched-in compositional fluctuations, dynamic atomic shuffling, and their resultant diffusionless isothermal ω transformation in ternary Ti–V-based alloys with bcc structure
    M. Tane, H. Nishio, D. Egusa, T.T. Sasaki, E. Abe, E. Miyoshi, S. Higashino, Acta Mater. 255, 119034 (2023).

  5. Elucidating why rolled Mg-Al-Ca-Mn alloys are less responsive to aging as compared to the extruded material
    J.J. Bhattacharyya, T.T. Sasaki, T. Nakata, S.R. Agnew, Scr. Mater. 233, 115513 (2023).

  6. Acceptor activation of Mg-doped GaN – Effects of N2/O2 vs N2 as ambient gas during annealing
    A. Kumar, M. Berg, Q. Wang, J. Uzuhashi, T. Ohkubo, M. Salter, and P. Ramvall, J. Appl. Phys. 134, 035701 (2023).

  7. Development of p-type Ion Implantation Technique for Realization of GaN Vertical MOSFETs
    R. Tanaka, S. Takashima, K. Ueno, M. Horita, J. Suda, J. Uzuhashi, T. Ohkubo, M. Edo, International Workshop on Junction Technology (IWJN) (2023).

  8. Annealing properties of vacancy-type defects in ion implanted GaN during ultra-high-pressure annealing studied by using a monoenergetic positron beam
    A. Uedono, H. Sakurai, J. Uzuhashi, T. Narita, K. Sierakowski, S. Ishibashi, S.F. Chichibu, M. Bockowski, J. Suda, T. Ohkubo, N. Ikarashi, K. Hono, T. Kachi, Gallium Nitride Materials and Devices XVIII, 124210C (2023).

  9. Impact of high-temperature Mg-implantation on defects and dopants distribution in GaN
    A. Kumar, W. Yi, T. Ohkubo, J. Chen, T. Sekiguchi, R. Tanaka, S. Takashima, M. Edo, K. Hono, J. Appl. Phys. 133, 185702 (2023).

  10. Identifying the effect of coherent precipitates on the deformation mechanisms by in situ neutron diffraction in an extruded magnesium alloy under low-cycle fatigue conditions
    D. Xie, Z.H. Li, T.T. Sasaki, Y.F. Gao, Z.Y. Lyu, R. Feng, Y. Chen, K. An, H.B. Chew, T. Nakata, S. Kamado, K. Hono, and P.K. Liaw, Acta Mater. 251, 118903 (2023).

  11. Micromechanical origin for the wide range of strength-ductility tradeoff in metastable high entropy alloys via in situ neutron diffraction measurements
    Z. Lyu, Z.H. Li, T.T. Sasaki, Y. Gao, K. An, Y. Chen, D. Yu, K. Hono, P.K. Liaw, Scr. Mater. 231, 115439 (2023).

  12. Improvement of resistance against hydrogen embrittlement by controlling carbon segregation at prior austenite grain boundary in 3Mn-0.2C martensitic steels
    K. Okada, A. Shibata, T.T. Sasaki, H. Matsumiya, K. Hono, N. Tsuji, Scr. Mater. 224, 115043 (2023).

  13. The Interplay Between Solute Atoms and Vacancy Clusters in Magnesium Alloys
    P. Yi, T.T. Sasaki, S.E. Prameela, T.P. Weihs, M.L. Falk, Acta Mater. 249, 118805 (2023).

  14. Development of automated tip preparation for atom probe tomography by using script-controlled FIB-SEM
    J. Uzuhashi, T. Ohkubo, and K. Hono, Ultramicroscopy 247, 113704 (2023).

  15. Ni基単結晶超合金TMS-238の耐酸化性とクリープ強度に及ぼす不純物元素Sbの影響
    高田 裕治, 杉山 拓弥, 湯山 道也, 埋橋 淳, 大久保 忠勝, 原田 広史, 鈴木 進補, 川岸 京子, 日本金属学会誌 87, 88-94 (2023).

  16. Effect of Ca Addition on the Oxidation Resistance of Ni-Al Alloy
    C. Tabata, K. Kawagishi, T. Yokokawa, J. Uzuhashi, T. Ohkubo, H. Harada, and S. Suzuki, Metall. Mater. Trans. A 54, 1937–1945 (2023).
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