CMSM seminar

CMSM seminar

("CMSM" is the abbreviation for "Research Center for Magnetic and Spintronic Materials".)

This seminar is periodically held to update the progress of individual research in the Research Center for Magnetic and Spintronic Materials.

Date Speaker & Title Speaker & Title
2024.4.12 W. Zhou
Transverse Thermopower in Composite Material Systems
T. Itoh
Thermo-spin and magneto-thermoelectric effects in multiferroic and ferroelectric hybrid structures
2024.1.11 T. Scheike
Giant tunnel magnetoresistance and oscillation of single-crystal magnetic tunnel junctions
R. Toyama
High-throughput characterization of transport properties in spintronic materials using composition-spread films
2023.11.21 F. Ando
Development of transverse thermoelectric generators based on permanent magnets
Y. Miura
Understanding magnetocrystalline anisotropy based on orbital and quadrupole moment
2023.10.26 X. Tang
Magnetic materials for green technology
Y. Sasaki
All-optical investigation of terahertz magnetization dynamics in ferromagnetic thin films
2023.8.31 C. He
Structure-property relationship guides the design of spintronic device
N. Terada
Magnetic ordering and crystal electric field level scheme behind giant magnetocaloric effect for hydrogen liquefaction
2023.7.19 Y. Takeuchi
Chiral-spin rotation of non-collinear antiferromagnetic Mn3Sn by spin-orbit torque
H. Mamiya
Neutron transmission spectroscopy and its application to magnetic materials
2023.6.14 R. Iguchi
Thermoelectric response in dielectric material
S. Sugimoto
Near-room temperature topological Hall effect at spin reorientations of Nd-Co intermetallic thin films
2023.3.8 S. Isogami
AHE and AMR effects driven by non-metallic light elements
N. Kulesh
Deep learning-assisted analysis of electron microscopy images for magnetic materials
2023.2.8 K. Oyanagi
Spin-current physics in paramagnets
D. Taparia
Large linear sensitivity of CoFe based CIP-GMR magnetic sensor using metastable bcc Cu spacer and auxiliary biquadratic coupling through Rh spacer
2023.1.11 K. Nawa
First-principles study on anomalous and spin Hall conductivities in Co/heavy-metal bilayers
Z. Li
Exploring structure-property relationships in magnetic and structural materials
2022.11.25 R. Modak
Magnetic-phase-transition-induced giant Thomson effect for thermoelectric cooling
H. Suto
Evaluation of STT efficiency of FeCr with negative spin polarization and CoxFe1-x system
2022.10.19 P. Tozman
Media processing for multilevel recording
T. Sasaki
Multi-scale microstructure analysis of magnetic and spintronic materials
2022.8.5 A. Bolyachkin
Data-driven optimization pipeline for FePt HAMR media
H. Sukegawa
Toward truly giant tunnel magnetoresistance: development of spinel barriers for magnetic tunnel junctions
2022.7.4 A. Saito
Application of magnetic materials to refrigeration technology
T. Tadano
Extending first-principles structural optimization method to finite temperatures
2022.6.6 T. Hirai
Elastocaloric kirigami temperature modulator
W. Zhou
Exploring transverse thermoelectric generation in magnetic systems for heat flux sensing
2022.4.27 I. Kurniawan
Theoretical Study of Finite Temperature Effect on Spin Polarization and Damping Constant of Magnetic Materials
Z. Wen
Nanostructure-driven spin orbit torques
2022.3.30 K-B. Fathoni
Large MR ratio on bcc-CoFe/bcc-Cu-based CIP-GMR devices
Y. Kozuka
ZnO for spin qubit
2022.2.21 Y. Sasaki
Sub-THz magnetization precession and detection using all-optical method in spintronic materials
T. Nakatani
1/f noise in tunnel magnetoresistive sensors
2022.1.28 Y. Fujita
Study on new current-perpendicular-to-plane giant magnetoresistance devices using Co-based Heusler alloys
K. Masuda
New perspective on the temperature dependence of tunnel magnetoresistance: Crucial role of interfacial s-d exchange interaction
2021.11.4 K. Tang
Magnetization switching driven by spin-orbit torque in Co2MnGa/Ti/CoFeB heterostructure
V. Kushwaha
Evaluation of spin-polarization of Co-based Heusler thin films by nonlocal spin-valve devices
2021.10.6 J. Lai
Heavy-rare-earth-freeMagnetocaloric Compounds for Cryogenic Magnetic Refrigeration
Y. Iida
Investigation of sputter-deposited Cr/Fe/MgO structures for the perpendicular magnetic tunnel junction
2021.8.5 P.D. Kulkarni
Effects of NixFeyCrz seed layer on giant magnetoresistance of [FeCoNi/Cu] multilayer films
S. Kasai
Magnon assisted tunneling in magnetic tunnel junctions
2021.7.6 Y. Miura
Machine learning analysis of tunnel magnetoresistance
S. Sugimoto
Skyrmion-based reservoir computing
2021.6.18 Y. Sakuraba
Study for novel heat flux sensor using anomalous Nernst effect
Y. Iwasaki
(a guest speaker, MaDIS)
Materials Informatics ~Predicting and Understanding~
2021.5.11 S. Isogami
Recent Spintronics based on transition-metal nitride thin films
H. Suto
Recent trend in HDDs development and microwave-assisted magnetic recording
2021.4.13 R. Modak
High throughput material investigation for thermoelectric properties using combinatorial deposition and lock-in thermography
R. Iguchi
Thermoreflectance study of spin caloritronic phenomena
2021.2.10 N. Asam
A new characterization technique for Spin-torque oscillator (STO) for Microwave-assisted magnetic recording (MAMR) application
H. Sukegawa
Doubling tunnel magnetoresistance of Fe/MgO/Fe: toward novel spintronics applications using advanced magnetic tunnel junctions
2021.1.14 M. Rasly
Development of new sensing layers in magnetic tunnel junctions for highly-sensitive magnetic sensors
T. Hirai
Electrical or mechanical control of magnetization and related phenomena in 3d-transition metal
2020.11.17 Z. Wen
Spin current and spin-orbit torques generated from ferromagnetic Heusler alloy and Weyl semimetal thin films
Y. Kozuka
Nonlinear planar Hall effect as a probe of spin textures in the k-space
2020.10.13 Z. Li
Development of strong and formable magnesium alloys
Y. Sasaki
Spin Current generation and Terahertz emission in Co2MnSi/Pt
2020.9.23 I. Suzuki
Lattice strain effect on the microstructure of FePt based granular films
H. Sepehri-Amin
Development of materials with giant magnetoclaoric effect for magnetic refrigeration
2020.7.8 K. Yamamoto
Strain-induced enhancement of the Seebeck effect in magnetic tunneling junctions via interface resonant tunneling: Ab initio study
W. Zhou
Heat flux sensing by anomalous Nernst effect in magnetic materials
2020.6.17 K. Masuda
First-principels study for (111)-oriented magnetic tunnel junctions
T. Scheike
Spin dependent transport in Co2FeAl/MgAl2O4/CoFe epitaxial magnetic tunnel junctions with and without CoFe insertion
2020.1.21 T. Nakatani
Magnetic sensor study
H. Nakayama
Enhancement of anomalous Nernst effect in Fe by Ga substitution
2019.11.27 S. Sugimoto
Thermodynamic concepts for magnetic skyrmions
Y. Iida
Perpendicular magnetic anisotropy in poly-crystalline and single-crystalline Fe/MgO heterostructures prepared by rf-sputtering
2019.11.15 K. Goto
The study of electronic structure for half-metallic Co2Fe(Ga0.5Ge0.5) Heusler alloy by photoemission spectroscopy
K. Uchida
Anomalous Ettingshausen effect
2019.10.24 Y. Miura
First-principles studies on physical properties related to spin-orbit interaction in spintronic materials
P.D. Kulkarni
Perpendicular magnetic anisotropic Co/Pt films and GMR sensors with CoFe/Cu films
2019.10.8 A. Kumar
Correlative STEM/APT based defects analysis in Mg-implanted GaN layers
K. Nawa
Exploring half-metallic Co-based full Heusler alloys from ab-initio DFT+U method
2019.8.7 S. Kasai
Magnetization dynamics driven by the spin Hall-induced spin torque
Q. Xiang
Quantum well modulation in Cr/Fe/MgAl2O4 based MTJs
2019.7.11 A. Perumal
Search for Heusler based Spin-Gapless Semiconductors: Reality versus Issues?
K-B. Fathoni
Current In-plane GiantMagnetoresistance: Material Selection and Mechanism
2019.6.25 J. Wang
Magnetic in-plane components of FePt nanogranular film on polycrystalline MgO underlayer for heat-assisted magnetic recording media

2019.6.4 Y. Fujita
Study on a germanium based spintronic device
R. Modak
Magneto-caloric properties on Ni-Mn-based thin films
2019.5.22 T. Tadano
Coexistence of band and hopping transport of phonons in thermoelectric materials: A first-principles study
N. Asam
Study of spin dependent thermal transport and thermoelectric effects in ferromagnetic/nonmagnetic hybrid nanostructures
2019.4.16 J. Lai
Y. Sasaki
2019.3.28 H. Sukegawa
Pronounced oscillatory dependence of tunnel magnetoresistance on the barrier thickness in epitaxial Fe/MgAl2O4/Fe(001) junctions
M. Rasly
Manipulation of nuclear spins in GaAs using spin injection from a half-metallic spin source
2019.2.8 Y. Kozuka
Andreev reflection for spin polarization measurement
Y. Sakuraba
Comprehensive investigation of temperature dependence of MR property in half-metallic Heusler-based CPP-GMR device
2018.11.16 W. Zhou
Inducing out-of-plane precession of magnetization for microwave assisted magnetic recording using an oscillating spin polarizer in spin torque oscillator
Z. Wen
Exploring the potential of half-metallic Heusler alloys for spintronics
2018.11.2 Z. Chen
Analysis of microstructure and transport properties inMn2CoAl inverse Heusler alloy and CoFeCrGa quaternary Heusler alloy
I. Suzuki
Grain density in FePt-C granular films for HAMR
2018.10.12 R. Iguchi
Thermoelectric microscopy of magnetic skyrmions
V. Kushwaha
Study of structure, magnetic and transport properties of epitaxial thin films of some Heusler alloys
2018.9.5 T. Scheike
Perpendiuclar Magnetic Anisotropy in Sputter-deposited Fe100-xAlx/MgAl2O4 Heterostructures
S. Isogami
MRs observed in SOT bilayer systems -focusing on influences from crystal structures-
2018.7.13 H. Nakayama
Magnetoresistance driven by spin-charge interconversion
T. Sasaki
Atomic-scale microstructrue analysis of CPP-GMR and CIP-GMR devices
2018.6.27 K. Masuda
Theoretical prediction of giant perpendicular magnetic anisotropy at Fe/CuIn1-xGaxSe2 interface
R. Das
Iron oxide nanorods: from biomedical to spintronics device applications
2018.6.1 A. Miura
Nanostructuring bulk thermoelectric materials to improve conversion efficiency
S. Sugimoto
Electrical operation of topological spin texture
2018.5.18 Y. Miura
First-principles studies on voltage dependence of magnetic damping and magnetic anisotropy of Fe/MgO interface
Y. Kozuka
ZnO two-dimensional electron system as quantum information material
2018.4.5 S. K. Narayananellore
Development of fully epitaxial magnetic tunnel junctions with novel tunnel barrier material
T. Nakatani
2018.2.28 Y. Iida
Perpendicular magnetic anisotropy in annealing-free La/CoFeB/MgO heterostructures.
M. ALMahdawi
Investigations of the voltage-controlled in ferromagnet/oxide interface.
2018.2.8 H. Lee
Recent result on Mn-based alloy MTJ
M. Hayashi
Spin currents in spin orbit materials
2018.1.19 Y. Takahashi
Origin of increased damping constant of Co2FeAl film with perpendicular anisotropy
Q. Xiang
Epitaxial Cr/ultrathin-Fe/MgAl2O4/Fe(CoB): Quantum well and its effect on transport and voltage-controlled magnetic anisotropy.
2017.12.19 K. Uchida
Unconventional Peltier effect in a ferromagnet
M-Z. Bian
Development of bake-hardenable Mg sheet alloys for automotive applications
2017.11.14 H. Sepehri-Amin
Design of spin-torque-oscillatordevice for microwave assisted magnetic recording
K. Mukaiyama
Fabrication of the magnetic tunnel junctions with chalcopyrite-type semiconductor barrier
2017.10.31 J. W. Jung
A brief update on my recent research works
S. Mitani
Interface perpendicular magnetic anisotropy: Effect of Rashba spin orbit couplig
2017.10.3 J. Chen
Enhancement of L21 order and spin-polarization in Co2FeSi thin film by substitution of Fe with Ti
S. Kasai
MTJ development toward skyrmion memories
2017.9.11 J. Li
Micromagnetics studies on magnetic devices with multiscale microstructure
I. Dirba
Summary of the recent research activities
2017.7.21 M. Belmoubarik
Fabrication of epitaxial Fe/ZnAl2O4/Fe based MTJs by a direct sputtering technique and their Magneto-electric transport properties
J. Wang
Effect of CrB insertion on the (001) texture of MgO seed layer and magnetic properties of FePt-C HAMR media
2017.7.7 I. Suzuki
Artificial Control of Magnetic Phase Transition of B2 Ordered FeRh Thin Films
H. Sukegawa
New spinel oxides for magnetoresistive devices: MgGa2O4 based magnetic tunnel junctions
2017.6.22 J. Chen
Development of high quality Si(001)-based epitaxial CPP-GMR devices for next generation read head sensor application in HDDs
Y. Sakuraba
Exploration of ferromagnets with large anomalous Nernst effect for energy harvesting applications
2017.6.2 R. Iguchi
Spin-current generation by dynamical magnetizations
T. Scheike
Magnetic tunnel junctions with a Li-substituted MgAl2O4 barrier
2017.5.12 S. Isogami
Potential of nitrides -focsing on Fe4N thin films-
W. Zhou
Spin wave-assisted magnetization switching in exchange-coupled bilayer systems
2017.4.4 K. Masuda
Theoretical study for magnetic tunnel junctions with semiconductor barriers CuInSe2 and CuGaSe2
T. Nakatani
Recent progress on CPP-GMR devices with polycrystalline films
2017.3.8 P-H. Cheng
TEM study of various spintronic devices
G. Qu
Transport Properties of Half-Heusler Alloy NiMnSb and its Application for Spintronics
2017.2.7 S. Bosu
Mag-flip spin torque oscillator using Heusler alloy spin injection layer for microwave assisted magnetic recording
H. Lee
Recent result of Mn-based alloys project.
2017.1.24 M. ALMahdawi
Low-energy magnetoelectric control of domain states in Cr2O3 films
P. Tozman
Search for magnets with properties intermediate between Nd-Fe-B and Ferrite
2017.1.11 Y. Du
Large voltage output in CPP-MR devices using Co2Fe(Ga0.5Ge0.5) Heusler alloy and Mg-Ti-O spacer material
Q. Xiang
Voltage Control Magnetic Anisotropy (VCMA) of Fe/Oxide interface
2017.1.4 Dr. Daisuke Ogawa (Yamagata Univ.)
Evaluation of exchange coupling in Nd2Fe14B/α-Fe interfaces to improve the performance of nano composite magnets

2016.11.29 Y. K. Takahashi
Accumulative magnetic switching of ultra-high-density recording media by circularly polarized light
S. Hirayama
angle dependence of spin torque ferromagntic resonace with DC current in narrow rectangular devices
2016.11.8 K. Uchida
Spin caloritronics: from fundamentals to future plans
X-F. Miao
Magneto-caloric materials for magnetic refrigeration applications
2016.10.4 M-Z. Bian
Plastic Deformation Behavior of Magnesium: From Single Crystal to Polycrystalline Aggregates
R. Mandal
Investigation of Static and Dynamic Magnetic Properties of Two-Dimensional Magnonic Crystals.
2016.7.26 K. Hono
Low-RA agnetoresistive devices using new materials
B-C. Suh
Nanostructure analysis of structural materials by using HAADF-STEM and 3D atom probe
2016.6.27 X-D. Xu
Decomposition of a BCC based TaNbTiZrHf high entropy alloy characterized by Cs-corrected STEM
S. Mitani
(111) stack magnetic layered structures from the viewpoint of magnetic anisotropy and related properties
2016.6.7 K. Mukaiyama
Millimeter-Wave detection using spin torque diode effect for magnetic tunnel junctions with L10-FePd
M. Belmoubarik
Structural and Spin-dependent Properties of epitaxial cation-disorder MgAl2O4(001) tunnel barriers deposited by a direct sputtering technique
2016.5.16 J. W. Jung
Large enhancement of magnetoresistance in thin NiAl-inserted Co2FeGa0.5Ge0.5/Ag/Co2FeGa0.5Ge0.5 CPP-GMR devices

2016.4.19 H. Sukegawa
Present status and prospect of spinel MgAl2O4-based barriers for magnetic tunnel junctions
S. Li
Largeenhancement of bulk spin polarization by suppressing CoMn anti-sitesin CoMn-based Heusler alloy thin film
2016.4.6 Y-C. Lau
Structural, element-specific magnetism and transport properties of D022 tetragonal Mn2FexGa epitaxial films
H. Sepehri-Amin
Influence of spin polarization of pinned and free layer on oscillation behavior of a spin-torque-oscillator device
2016.3.2 S. Kasai
Magnetic junctions with semi-conductive CIGS spacer
J. Wang
Magnetization reversal of FePt based exchange coupled composite media
2016.1.26 T. Nakatani
CPP-GMR reader R&D
M. Hayashi
Spin Hall effect in heavy transition metals
2015.12.17 T. Scheike
Y. Sakuraba
Investigation of bulk spin-polarization in off-stochioetric Co-based full Heusler compounds
2015.11.27 Y. Miura
A first-principles study on electronic structures and transport properties of magnetic junctions
2015.11.24 T-H. Kim
Microstructural design for reducing the heavy rare-earth content in Nd-Fe-B sintered magnet.
Rock-salt-type Mg-Ti-O barrier for polycrystalline magnetic tunnel junctions with high magnetoresistance
2015.10.29 J. Chen
Crystal orientation dependence of current-perpendicular-to-plane giant magnetoresistance of pseudo spin-valves using Co2Fe(Ge0.5Ga0.5) Heusler alloy and different spacers(Ag,Cu and NiAl)
L. Ma
Effect of micro-alloying on the microstructure and mechanical properties in Mg-9Al-1Zn (AZ91) based alloy
2015.9.28 S. Bosu
Spin-torque oscillator for microwave-assisted magnetic recording
H. Lee
Mn-based alloys for future STT-MRAM: MnGa & MnGaN
2015.8.4 Y. Du
CPP-GMR devices using Co2Fe(Ga0.5Ge0.5) Heusler alloy and Ag-based alloy spacer
P. Sheng
Introduction of Spin Seebeck Effect
2015.7.7 S. Hirayama
ST-FMR measument in anti-dot stuructures
B. C. Suh
Effects of texture and alloying elements on stretch formability of Mg alloy sheets
2015.5.26 K. Hono
Prospect of Heusler-alloy-based magnetoresistive devices
R. Pérez
An overview on the fabrication and magnetic properties of cylindrical micro and nanowires
2015.4.28 A. K. Panda
Rapidly Solidified Magnetic Materials as Sensor Core for Assessment of Damage in Engineering Components
M. Belmoubarik
Electro- and Magneto-proprieties of Wurtzite-MgZnO Tunnel Barriers
2015.4.14 H. Pandey
High mobile charge transport and Magneto-elastic anisotropy in Co2 (Fe/Mn)Si thin films.
J. W. Jung
Research activities for spintronics-based devices
2015.3.25 H. S. Kim
Y. K. Takahashi
2015.1.27 S. Li
Enhance the chemical ordering of Heulser alloy film through Ag doping
J. Kim
Recent progress of studying on spin-orbit torque
2015.1.13 S. Mitani
J. Wang
Effect of MgO underlayer misorientation on the texture and magnetic property of FePt-C granular film
2014.11.25 H. Sukegawa
Half-metallic Heusler alloy-based magnetic tunnel junctions toward giant tunnel magnetoresistance at room temperature
B. Varaprasad
Multilayer processed FePt-C granular media for heat assisted magnetic recording (HAMR)
2014.11.11 T. Shiroyama
The influence of MgO seed layer on the microstructure and magnetic properties of FePt-C HAMR media
S. Kasai
Electrical and thermal spin injection in lateral spin valves
2014.10.28 J. P. Hadorn
Solute clustering and grain boundary segregation in extruded dilute MgGd alloys
T. Furubayashi
Current-perpedicular-to-plane giant magnetoresistance using a Heusler alloy for ferromagnetic layers and Cu based bcc alloys for a spacer layer
2014.9.30 T. Scheike
Magnetic Tunnel Junctions with a Spinel Barrier and Heusler Electrodes
M. Hayashi
Chiral magnetism: Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction at interfaces
2014.7.25 J. W. Koo
A large TMR ratio through the quantum-well resonant tunneling in the Fe/MgO/CoFeB p-MTJ structures
T. Sasaki
Understanding structure-property relationship by TEM/3DAP study
2014.6.10 Ikhtiar
Magneto-transport and microstructure of CFGG/Cu lateral spin valves
Z. C. Wen
TMR and STT switching in polycrystalline Co2FeAl full-Heusler alloy MTJs on Si/SiO2 amorphous substrates
2014.5.27 L. Ma
Development of a heat-treatable ductile Mg alloy with unique texture.
Y. Sakuraba
Quantitative analysis of anisotropic magnetoresistance in Co2MnZ and Co2FeZ epitaxial thin films
2014.5.15 H. Lee
Mn-based alloys (thin film) ( Mn3-δGa, +X : variation)
J. Chen
Crystal orientation dependence of current-perpendicular-to-plane giant magnetoresistance of pseudo spin-valves with epitaxial Co2Fe(Ge0.5Ga0.5) Heusler alloy layers
2014.4.18 S. Bosu
Magnetic exchange interactions, spin and thermal transports in mainly Heusler compound thin film based structures
P. Sheng
Spin-Dependent Quantum Interference in Magnetic Tunnel Junctions with Fe Ultrathin Layer
2014.2.27 T. Bhattacharjee
Effect of microalloying elements on twin roll cast-hot rolled Mg-Zn based alloys
J. D. Torrejon
2014.2.13 J. Sinha
Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotropy in various film stacks involving Pt|Co
S. Li
2013.12.12 A. Itoh
CFGG Heusler alloy lateral spin valve devices analysys using STEM
B. Varaprasad
2013.11.28 J. Kim
Temperature dependence of current-induced effective field
Y. Du
<001> textured polycrystalline current-perpendicular-to-plane pseudo spin-valves using CFGG Heusler alloy
2013.10.21 J. Wang
Study of longitudinal and perpendicular exchange bias in sputter-deposited Co-Pt/CoO multilayer films
S. Hirayama
Systematic measurements of transport properties in permalloy-based lateral spin valves
2013.9.30 H. Sukegawa
(1)Enhanced perpendicular magnetic anisotropy in Co2FeAl full-Heusler alloy magnetic tunnel junctions with a Ru buffer
(2)Giant tunnel magnetoresistance in a fully epitaxial Fe/Al2O3/Fe tunnel junction
S. Mitani
Crystalline AlOx ultrathin layers grown on permalloy (111)-surfaces for magnetic tunnel junctions
2013.8.19 F. R. Elsayed
Development of precipitation hardenable Mg-Sn based wrought alloys
T. Shiroyama
2013.7.8 J. P. Hadorn
Investigation of Texture Weakening Effects and Microstructure of Rare-Earth Containing Mg Alloys
H. Sukegawa
Spin-transfer magnetization switching in in-plane magnetized magnetic multilayers with Co-based Heusler alloy layers
2013.6.17 H. S. Amin
Microstructure studies of electrodes in organic liquid Lithium ion batteries
S. Mitani
MRAM and relevant magnetic properties
2013.6.3 J. W. Koo
Interface Perpendicular magnetic anisotropy (PMA) : Fe/Oxide layer
S. Kasai
transport proterties in lateral spin valves
2013.5.16 Z. C. Wen
Perpendicularly magnetized full-Heusler Co2FeAl films and related perpendicular magnetic tunnel junctions
M. Hayashi
New paradigms for controlling magnetism?
2013.4.22 Y. Sakuraba
Recent studies on CPP-GMR devices using Co2(Fe,Mn)Si electrodes and anomalous Nernst effect for new thermoelectric applications
My previous work mostly focusing on the preparation dependence of Co2Fe0.4Mn0.6Si-based CPP-GMR devices
2013.3.21 M. Kobayashi
S. Hirayama
Spin transport and thermal effect in lateral spin valves
2013.2.15 L. Ma
Effect of Al additions and micro alloying on age hardening of Mg-2.4at.%Zn alloy
Y. Takahashi
Site disorder estimation of Co2Mn(GeGa) using XRD with anomalous dispersion
2013.1.28 J. Torrejon
Advances on magnetic microwire: Micromagnetic modelling on high frequency response for non-uniform structures
Uma M.R. Seelam
2012.12.21 S. Li
CPP-GMR with CoFeGaGe Heusler alloy and different spacers
T. Bhattacharjee
Microstructural characterization of twin roll cast-hot rolled Mg-Zn based alloys
2012.11.30 B. Varaprasad
Y. Du
2012.11.9 J. Kim
Current induced in-plane effective field vector in Ta|CoFeB|MgO
T. Ohkubo
Basis of Cs-corrected STEM and the applications
2012.10.26 F. Elsayed
Effect of Al additions, and micro-alloying on age hardening of Mg - 2at.% Sn alloys
J. Sinha
Significance of buffer layer in enhancing perpendicular magnetic anisotropy in Ta|CoFeB|MgO films
2012.10.12 W. B. Cui
H. Sukegawa
Epitaxial magnetic tunnel junctions prepared using natural oxidation of MgAl alloy layer
2012.9.7 J. Liu
Microstructure and coercivity relationships of hot-deformed Nd-Fe-B magnets

2012.8.24 S. Mitani
History of tunnel barriers in spin-dependent transport
H. S. Goripati
Bulk and interfacial scattering in Co2Fe(Ga0.5Ge0.5)/Ag current perpendicular-to-plane giant magnetoresistive devices
2012.8.3 J. Koo
Interface perpendicular magnetic anisotropy (PMA) at Fe/Oxide interfaces
S. Kasai
2012.7.27 T. Sasaki
Development of precipitation hardenable wrought Mg-Sn alloy
T. Furubayashi
CPPGMR using Co2FeGa1-xGex Heusler alloys
2012.6.22 M. Chen
M. Gruber
Study on field evaporation in tomographic atom probe: Application to the instrument's image quality
2012.6.8 Z. Gercsi (guest speaker)
Metamagnetism and magnetocaloric effect
Z. C. Wen
Magnetic tunnel junctions based on Co2FeAl(CFA) full-Heusler alloys
2012.5.25 T. Bhattacharjee
Microstructural characterization of heat treated Mg-2.4Zn-0.16Zr (at.%) alloy
M. Hayashi
Overview of the Ta|CoFeB|MgO system
2012.4.27 L. Ma
Development of high-strength ductile extruded Mg-Nd-Zn-Zr alloy
T. Nakatani
Solved and unsolved questions on Heusler alloy CPP-GMR
2012.4.20 T. Akiya
My research history
Y. Hirayama
Synthesis and evaluation of Rare earth nitride for magnetic refrigeration and 4 K-GM cryocooler
2012.4.20 S. Li
A study of current-induced domain wall motion in amorphous TbFeCo films with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy

2012.3.23 Y. Takahashi
transport properties of LSV devices using highly spin polarized Co2Fe(Ga0.5Ge0.5) Heusler alloy
B. Varaprasad
L10-ordered FePt-X granular thin film on conductive underlayer for thermally-assisted magnetic recording
2012.3.9 K. Kondou
Quantitative evaluation of Spin Hall angle and spin diffusion length
F. Elsayed
Development of precipitation hardenable wrought Mg-Sn-Al alloys
2012.2.3 H. S. Amin
"Development of high coercivity and performance Nd-Fe-B magnets using grain boundary chemistry modification"

2012.1.27 W. B. Cui
Magnetic properties and microstructure in exchange-coupled Nd-Fe-B/Fe2Co anisotropic thin films
J. Sinha
Significance of buffer layer in enhancing perpendicular magnetic anisotropy in ultrathin CoFeB/MgO films
2012.1.20 T. Sasaki
Multi-Scale Microstructure Characterization of an ultrafine grained NdFeB Sintered Magnet
H. S. Goripati
Temperature dependent MR properties of Co2FeSi (CFS)and Co2Cr0.1Fe0.9Si(CCFS) Pseudo spin-valves.
2012.1.13 H. Sukegawa
Mechanism of tunnel magnetoresistance enhancement in magnetic tunnel junctions with a cubic Mg-Al-O tunnel barrier
J. Kim
Magnetization relaxation induced by Rashba field in nanopatterned Ta/CoFeB/MgO films
2011.12.22 K. Hono
Highlights 2011 in the magnetic materials group

2011.11.25 J. C. Sahar
M. Kodzuka
Some aspects of the 3DAP analyses of thin film materials
2011.11.18 S. Mitani
Interface magnetic anisotropy ofFe/MgAl2O4 bilayers
T. Nakatani
trilayer read sensors for ultrahigh density HDDs
2011.10.14 Z. C. Wen
Toward perpendicular anisotropy magnetic tunnel junctions using Co2FeAl full-Heusler alloy
N. Hase
CPP-GMR using Co2Mn(GaGe) Heusler alloy
2011.10.7 J. Wang
Interface roughness induced asymmetric magnetic property in sputter-deposited Co/CoO/Co exchange coupled trilayers
P. Delhibabu
Coercivity Mechanism in Zn metal bonded SmFeN permanent hard magnetic material
2011.9.5 S. Kasai

2011.8.8 T. Niizeki
Spin-Dependent Quantum-Well States in Fully Epitaxial Magnetic Tunnel Junctions with Nonmagnetic Metal Layer Insertion
M. Chen
2011.8.1 C. Mendis
J. Liu
Structure-Property Relationships of Permanent Magnets Sm2Co17 by Nanostructure Analysis Using TEM/3DAP
2011.7.11 M. Hayashi
Spin orbit coupling and perpendicular anisotropy in ultrathin magnetic films
T. Furubayashi
CPP GMR of tri-layer films with Co2FeZ Heusler layers and silver spacer
2011.6.27 B. Varaprasad
T. Bhattacharjee
Microstructural evolution of precipitation hardenable wrought magnesium alloys
2011.6.20 H. S. Amin
Development of high performance permanent magnets without heavy rare earth elements
Y. Takahashi
Spintronics devices using Co2Fe(Ga0.5Ge0.5) alloy
2011.6.6 J. Sinha
Large microwave emission from Heusler alloy based spin valve nanopillars
M. Kobayashi
Observation of magnetic domain wall in La1-xSrxMnO3(x=0.175) by TEM and small angle electron beam scattering
2011.5.30 W. B. Cui
S. Pattabiraman
CPP-GMR using Co2FeGa0.25Si0.75 Heusler alloy
2011.5.16 T. Sasaki
Structure-Property Relationships in Ni-Rich Ni-Ti Shape Memory Alloy Containing Precious Metals
H. S. Goripati
Current induced alignment of bi-quadratic coupled magnetic layers in Co2MnSi GMR pillars
2011.5.9 M. Kodzuka
Effect of boron composition on crystallization of CoFeB/MgO/CoFeB pseudo-spin-valve
H. Sukegawa
Fabrication of high quality epitaxial Fe/MgO/Fe magnetic tunnel junctions
2011.4.19 K. Kondo
Magnetic domain wall and its dynamics in ferromagnetic nano-wires
T. Taniguchi
Theoretical study of thermal stability in synthetic free layer
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