Successfully Observing the World's Largest Tunnel Magnetocapacitance of 426%: Prospects for Applications in High-performance Magnetic Sensors and Memory Devices.

  Researchers have successfully observed the world's largest tunnel magnetocapacitance (TMC) ratio and explained its mechanism. The research team was comprised of Kenta Sato, a second-year master's student at Keio University's Graduate School of Science and Technology, Hideo Kaiju, Associate Professor at Keio University's Faculty of Science and Technology, and colleagues including Hiroaki Sukegawa, Principal Researcher (Spintronics Gr) at the National Institute for Materials Science and Gang Xiao, Professor of Physics at Brown University, USA.
  The research result has been published in "Scientific Reports". (Open Access)

Large magnetocapacitance beyond 420% in epitaxial magnetic tunnel junctions with an MgAl2O4 barrier
K. Sato, H. Sukegawa, K. Ogata, G. Xiao & H. Kaiju
Scientific Reports 12, 7190 (2022) | DOI: 10.1038/s41598-022-11545-6
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