Research Topics 2011

Development of “Matrix” Material Controlling Differentiation of Stem Cells

-Contribution to Elucidation of the Induction Mechanism of Stem Cells into Specific Organs in Regenerative Medicine-

December 15, 2011

This research was conducted by
Takashi Hoshiba, JSPS Research Fellow
Naoki Kawazoe, MANA Scientist
Chen Guoping, MANA Principal Investigator

The Tissue Regeneration Materials Unit succeeded in developing “stepwise tissue development-mimicking matrix” materials which can control the differentiation of stem cells for regenerative medicine. The matrix materials are expected to play a key role in research aimed at elucidating the ECM functions on the differentiation of iPS cells, ES cells and other stem cells in regenerative medicine. They will also be useful in disclosing the disease mechanism of osteoporosis, which may be triggered by an unbalance of osteogenic differentiation and adipogenic differentiation of stem cells.

fig. 1

Figure 1. Fabrication of stepwise tissue development-mimicking matrix materials which mimic the extracellular matrix during osteogenic and adipogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells.

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