The 324th MANA Special Seminar

Prof. Takahiro Sato

Date March 29, Friday
Time 11:00-11:45
Place Auditorium, WPI - MANA Bldg, Namiki, NIMS

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Size control of nano-particles formed by amphiphilic polymers in aqueous solution

Amphiphilc block, random , and alternaing copolymers form various types of micelles. Mixtures of polyanion and polycation form colloidal particles of the polyion complex in aqueous solution. The size control of these nano particles is prerequisite for their applications. The theoretical backgroud and experimental investigations are reviewed on the size and size distribution for various types of those nano particles.


Prof. Takahiro Sato, Osaka University, Japan


Dr. Francoise Winnik, Satelite PI, MANA, NIMS