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Dr.Yosuke SASAMA and Dr. Xin Tang, ICYS Research Fellows, received the 18th NIMS President’s Award (Progress Award)

This award is given to honor young researchers who have published outstanding papers. Congratulations Yosuke and Xin for your excellent work !!

Dr. Yosuke SASAMA, ICYS Research Fellow

Topic of the award : High-mobility p-channel wide-bandgap transistors based on hydrogen-terminated diamond/hexagonal boron nitride heterostructures

Dr. Xin TANG, ICYS Research Fellow

Topics of the award : Magnetic refrigeration material operating at a full temperature range required for hydrogen liquefaction.

At the ceremony. From left to right: Dr. Yosuke SASAMA and Dr. Hono, NIMS President.
At the ceremony. From left to right: Dr. Xin TANG and Dr. Hono, NIMS President.