ICYS Alumni

Wonderful experiences with ICYS

César Moreno
(Ramón y Cajal Senior Research Fellow,UNIVERSITY OF CANTABRIA,SPAIN)

I am immensely proud to belong the ICYS family. Young scientists are well aware that to survive the jump into the void to make research independently under their own themes and make progress they must face, the sooner the better, to explore new ideas under their own risk. For that purpose, ICYS as tenure-track position allowed to me to put in practice divergent thinking with funding and easy-going administrative support. ICYS, as a scientific soup of different countries, cultures and thinking approaches, acted like a breeding ground to boost my career path. Still nowadays I am collaborating with NIMS researchers. Two years ago, we signed a memory of understanding between ICN2, my former institution, and MANA-NIMS. During the last years I had the opportunity to enjoy several business trips to NIMS, and last year a Ph.D. candidate under my supervision was awarded with a NIMS Internship program fellowship for to perform research during few months. She really enjoyed her NIMS experience! Beyond science, I really enjoyed Japanese hospitality, gastronomic culture including Ibarakian natto and Umami flavor, and of course, Onsen in winter times!
Dhruba B. Khadka
(Researcher, Photovoltaic Materials Group, NIMS)

The ICYS fellowship provides the best flourishing research environment for young researchers. ICYS researchers can work on their research plans. They can scale up the research strength with full access to world-class facilities under a roof. Regular interaction with talented scientists working in various research fields widens our critical thinking perspective and research spectrum.
ICYS workshop is one of the unique scientific programs which provides a next-level platform for developing social-professional relationships. ICYS directors always motivate to excel in novel and innovation research. I had a very productive research collaboration with ICYS mentors. ICYS staffs were very supportive of managing the research budget for buying laboratory stuff and attending a conference. I heartily appreciate the support from ICYS with an excellent platform to thrive scientific career before joining permanent staff in NIMS.

Former ICYS researchers appointed as permanent staff in NIMS

  Dr. Naoto SHIRAHATA   Dr. Alexei BELIK        Dr. Jonathan HILL    Dr. Oleg VASYLKIV   Dr.Anirban BANDYOPADHYAY  Dr. Meiyong LIAO

      Dr. Jun CHEN        Dr. Ayako HASHIMOTO     Dr. Yasuhiro SHIRAI    Dr. Masataka IMURA   Dr. Genki YOSHIKAWA     Dr. Rudder WU

 Dr. Ryoma HAYAKAWA      Dr. Lok Kumar              Dr. Yoshihiro               Dr. Han ZHANG           Dr. Hossein                   Dr. Shinsuke 
SHRESTHA                 TSUJIMOTO                                                      SEPEHRI AMIN              ISHIHARA
   Dr. Liwen SANG        Dr. Nobuyuki ISHIDA      Dr. Ryo TAMURA               Dr. Daiming TANG    Dr. Mehdi ESTILI       Dr. Ayako NAKATA

   Dr. Kota SHIBA            Dr. Jan LABUTA             Dr. Jiangwei LIU             Dr. Kei NISHIKAWA              Dr. Bo DA             Dr. Atsuro TAKAI
  Dr. Gaku IMAMURA    Dr. Shoichi MATSUDA      Dr. Ovidiu CRETU        Dr. Kazuhiko NAGURA   Dr. Shunsuke YOSHIZAWA   Dr. Kotaro DOI

  Dr. Koichiro UTO        Dr. Terumasa TADAN   Dr. Dhruba B. KHADKA      Dr. Hong-Tao SUN     Dr. Takuya Iwasaki        Dr. Yoshihiro Yamauchi 

Dr. Kosuke MINAMI           Dr. Yen-Ju WU               Dr. Shisheng LI     Dr.Tomotaka Hatakeyama  Dr. Ryo Matsumoto       Dr. Dongsheng Yuan

 Dr. Naoki SATO 

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