Biomedical Materials Groups in NIMS-University of Tsukuba Joint Graduate School (Professor Tetsushi Taguchi) recruits graduate students (MSc, PhD). The Graduate Program in Materials Science and Engineering is jointly operated by National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) and Graduate School of Pure and Applied Sciences, University of Tsukuba. The graduate students are able to perform research in NIMS as a student of University of Tsukuba.

To date, our group welcomed many students from various universities such as Tokyo University of Science and Shibaura Institute of Technology, and the students enter further education and takes jobs in universities and companies. NIMS offers NIMS Graduate Research Assistantship to excellent doctoral/master’s students enrolled in Materials Science in Engineering at University of Tsukuba, who aspire to a career as researchers. The awarded students, NIMS Junior Researchers, will have opportunity to work as members of the NIMS laboratories and receive a monthly stipend for their activities. Study toward a degree is not deemed to be a duty. However, the assigned duties are consistent with the research objectives of the NIMS laboratory where you study. Eventually, the assistantship requirement can be fulfilled by focusing on the activities in the course of obtaining the degree. Please feel free to contact us.