Topics (Update 2011.09.29)


Ms. Xin ZHANG returned to China. She studied about Fe-Mn-Si alloy with Dr. Sawaguchi. We hope her to do her best in China.
with Zhang (center) and some menbers.
beautiful ladies...
Mr. Tashima finished his internship in NIMS and returned to Kumamoto. He enthusiastically did his study about Nanoindentation. We will keep in contact with him and continue to his study.
We had 5th Structural Materials Seminar by Prof. Gregory B. Olson (Northwestern University, USA) and Prof. Victoria Yardley (Ruhr University Bochum).
Abstract: Prof. Olson and Prof. Yardley
They are also discussed with some researchers in NIMS about their own recent research.
Tsuchiya, Ohtsuka, Sawaguchi, Ii, Meng and Zhang attended to the International conference of martensitic transformation (ICOMAT-2011). Details are here.
  • "Martensitic transformation in nano-grained shape memory alloys"
    K. Tsuchiya. (Invited)
  • "Comparison of γ to ε martensitic transformation and γ deformation twinning in their plate-plate intersections"
    T. Sawaguchi, X. Zhang and K. Ogawa. (Invited)
  • "Effects of a high magnetic field on martensitic transformation and reverse transformation from martensite to austenite"
    H. Ohtsuka, H. Suzuki, Y. Kawamura, N. Terada, H. Kitazawa and N. Metoki.
  • "Shape memory effect and superelasticity at cryogenic temperatures in Cu-Al-Mn alloy"
    S. Ii, Y. Ono, Y. Tsuchiya, T. Koyano and K. Tsuchiya.
  • "Influence of Ni on stability of martensitic transformation in Zr50Cu50-xNix"
    F. Meng, K. Tsuchiya, S. Ii, Y. Yokoyama.
  • "ε-martensitic transformation induced quasi-cleavage fracture on annealing twin boundaries in Fe-17Mn-0.3C austenitic steel"
    M. Koyama, T. Sawaguchi and Kaneaki Tsuzaki.
  • "An attempt to lower Mn content of Fe-17Mn-6Si-0.3C shape memory alloy"
    X. Min, T. Sawaguchi, K. Ogawa, T. Maruyama, F. Yin and K. Tsuzaki.
  • "Temperature dependence of intersection reactions of ε martensite plates in an Fe-30Mn-4Si-2Al TRIP/TWIP steel"
    X. Zhang, T. Sawaguchi, K. Ogawa, F. Yin, X. Zhao.
  • 2011.09.02
    Mr. Aaron Stebner in Northwestern University has came to NIMS and gave a seminar of "Neutron Diffraction and Multivariant Simulations of Shape Memory Alloys". After his seminar, we will discuss about our research topic with him.
    with Aaron and his wife
    Mr. Kyohei Tashima (Graduate student (M1), Lab. of Microstructure and Interface Control and Engineering Kumamoto University) has come and stay in our group as an internship student. He will stay for a month and study about an interaction between dislocation and grain boundary by using nanoindentation technique.
    Prof. Mojmir Sob (MASARYK UNIVERSITY) came to NIMS and he gave a seminar about ab-initio calculation of magnetism of grain boundaries. We also discussed about our current research topics with him.
    New Students has come to our group and start thier new research life as Graduate student in University of Tsukuba.
    New paper about Ti alloy has been published in Materials Science and Engineering A.
    (Details is here.)
    Microstructure designing group was establihed.